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stuck between two girls


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hey, i'm pretty much stuck between two girls. i like them both. one is good looking, funny, but not to responsible, but always a good time to be around. the other girl is o.k. looking but really smart and has a really good job. but not always so fun because she's too serious. i have to choose which one to go out with cause i don't go out with two girls at the same time. how do i choose?

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it really depends on where you are in life....it seems like you young (am i right?) and arnt looking for anything too deep like settling down and having some kids lol you have to ask yourself these questions:


-is it IMPORTANT to me to be with someone who has a good job?

-should i way up looks more important over a great personality?

-would being with someone funny lift up MY mood thereforeeee make me happier?

-am i going to be let down because she isnt as responsible as me?

-do i wanna be challenged by the intellect of my girl? etc


from the way youve typed it, youre already leaning towards the fun one. i believe that you souldnt chose someone based soley on their looks or the cars they drive, the job they have etc so if you feel happier around that chick who makes you laugh then go for it, but if you feel you can connect better with the intellectual one, have deeper conversations then go with her. do what youre gut is telling you, who you enjoy being with more.

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