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pain after sex?????


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Ok I have a problem and trust me this is quite embarrassing.


Last week end I saw my boyfriend and we had a lot of sex. We did use condoms every time.


The next day when I went home I felt this pain, like itching inside wanting to go to the loo with a week bladder, and when I did it hurt.


It's got a bit better now, its just itches from rite on top inside,


My boyfriend is come again today and I know we will do it again cos I don't get to see him that often, but im not to sure how I can control the whole thing, I myself too wants to do it, I too want to do it, but I have an uncomfortable feeling inside.


Any advice???

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A reaction to the condoms is possible. Any chance of a latex allergy? It's becoming more common, but I'm not sure if there are any non-latex condoms avaiable. Best try to nail down any possible latex allergy so it doesn't cause problems in other ways, although the medial profession is switching away from it.


If you have an infection or whatever, I would have thought you'd known about it before, unless it's a coincidence you got it at the same time. The condoms he wore should have also protected you against infections.

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If that's the case maybe you could cut down the amount of penetration, but still have just as much fun. In other words, do different things with each other. At least until you figure out what's causing it.


I've heard of soreness after having had quite a bit, but not actual pain unless it was painful at the time. Which I assume it wasn't.


Condoms can have a drying effect on some people, which could cause issues. Lubricant can help in that case.

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It is probably a bladder infection. The condum, I feel, increases the friction to the woman, and that can cause pain around her urethra, and normal bacteria to get inside the bladder and cause an infection. these can be quite painful, and very irritating. Drink lots of water and cranberry juice. Try the cranberry tablets available in the grocery store. There is also over the counter pain medication just for the bladder, that decreases the pain and irritation, but it turns the urine orange and it can cause staining, so use a pad.

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