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A Healthier You Challenge

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Hey guys...i kinda came up with this idea and hope that people will run with it. i thought it would be a good idea for a new thread as many ppl would like to change their body - whether to lose weight, tone, gain muscle, keep healthy, fitness in general etc - and support is one of the key elements to doing these things as u can bounce of other people, share advice on what works and what doesnt, your progress etc ^_^ its like those challenges where you have to follow a certain routine but more of a challenge for yourself and to have the opportunity to inspire and be inspired by others ^_^ make sense? anyway i spose ill start with some info lol and you can add yours too if u take the challenge ^_^


im aiming to lose some extra pounds and tone up for a ball coming up in just under a month, but after that its SUMMER which means bathers haha. i'm gonna take this challenge for about a month till then ball, and after set another goal once thats completed for another date ^_^ hopefully ill define a lil more my butt, hips, abs and thighs ^_^ i'm going to go for more fresh fruit and veggies and cos i suck...im gonna get up in time for breakfast HAHAH and also stop having late late nights (eg its 2:30 am here) lol. i'll also bring food to work etc so i dont have to snack on junk haha. i think the main thing i will aim for this week is to eat the daily recommended amount of fruit and veggies ^_^


im not gonna post any measurements or anything cos its just meant to be a challenge to eat healthier and excersise more regularly without turning it into a "DIET", basically just change my routine a lil, and bit by bit to get a healthier body ^_^ ive just found an item of clothing that i'm aiming to fit into and had become kinda like inspiration for me ^_^ i know that with support of everyone i can be healthier than i am now hahah


please feel free to contribute even if your not takin the challenge...the more advice/support the better it is ^_^ Thanks guys!

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i have been on my "challenge" for nearly 3 months now.


my goal was to tone up lose a couple pounds of fat and gain some muscle. I've lost 10 pounds by running 3 miles in the morning 4 times a week and then hitting the gym in the evening after work.


recently i have changed my meals to 4 square meals a day instead of eating throughout the day randomly. i also recently have been making protein shakes before going to the gym to began developing a more cut and muscly? body

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firstly congratulations zach! looks like your doing well if youve got the routine down for 3 months already! ^_^ i need to start running/jogging again. not only will it be good for me but for my energetic puppy too! anyway ill start by forcing myself to bed HAHAH ill update tomorrow i spose. thanks for posting zach! can i ask tho...what kinda meals are you eating? other than the protien stuff?

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I've been trying to get in better shape for about 10 months now.


Both to lose fat and gain some more muscle.


I'm 5'3

I was 165 when I started, I now weigh 132. So its going ok so far. My goal is to be around 120-123. Then maybe add some muscle.


I've been doing 3.5 miles a day, 6 days a week. And some light weight lifting 2-3 days a week. I've worked up to this though. I used to only do 1.5 miles.


I only drink water for the most part, eat more fruits and vegetables and smaller portions of things that are less healthy.


I still have a bit to go, I still feel really fat around my belly, even though my arms are starting to get really skinny.

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I have been trying to lose weight and get in shape for a month now almost. I haven't lost any weight yet sadly. I think maybe b/c I wasn't strict enough with myself. I am 5'3, 132 Lbs and want to lose about 15 Lbs since I hate my ony problem area: belly fat!

I have been trying to go to the gym every day or at least 4 times a week and burning minimum 500 calories during cardio, and doing weights 3 times a week.

I cut out junk food, but I think that alone wasn't enough and I allowed myself a cheatmeal once a week.


New plan:

-I have been eating alot healthier since a few days now, alot of veggies and 6 small meals a day. No more cheat meals.

-Cardio 6:15am-7:15am (before school) everyday

-Weight training 3 times a week and cardio 3pm-4pm on alternate days.


I hope to lose 5 Lbs. by the end of September '07.

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can i ask tho...what kinda meals are you eating? other than the protien stuff?


mostly protein and carb meals. 4 meals a day sometimes those meals are 3 carb 1 protein, 2 carb 2 protein, 1 carb 3 protein. this way the body isn;t used to taking in the same amount of calories each day and it doesn't adjust itself to burning only a certain amount of cals a day. it confuses the body and it will burn more calories. pm me if u wanna know more and/or about the best foods to eat.

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Haha, I am TRYING to start before class. dDesprate times call for desprate measures After I saw no real results I decided to just go all out and make it all worth while my not being able to indulge in cookies and all those small snacks I just saw today at the supermarket. I just don't buy them. All I buy and keep in the house is health food (veggies, fruits, pasta, sauce, the basics to create a low fat pretty ok tasting meal). That helps alot.


I think once you try and see no results you may be tempted to also get pretty serious to see results. I also failed/quit/went only half the mile alot in the past, and this is the first time after years I am so serious to lose my extra pounds and am willing to sacrifice.

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lol jeckyl i know how you feel...i used to go half the mile too...i wanna change and become healthier mostly for me but also for my family (if i start this and buy stuff for the house they will most likely follow), my boy (i dun feel comfortable with the extra weight, hes completely toned and i think...man i need to tone up. i spose in the end its for me aswell lol to feel more comfortable around him) and for my gorgeous puppy (hes got so much energy and we dont walk him as much as we used to)


Jeckyl - what kinda foods do you buy for snacks? i know you can snack on nuts, yoghurt, crackers and dip, fruit, veggies...

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I started a thread to ask people for tips, but didn't get too many responses. There was one with a few ideas.

I have a few categories, I am curently on the 1,200 calorie diet where I am counting calories, eating 5-6 meals a day. I have a few categories of mostly used or fave snack/meal foods:



-Oranges (37 cal)

-Baby carrots (25 cal)

-Raisin & almonds mixed

-Banana (90 cal)

-Fruit yogurt (170 cal)

-Dry cereal (130 cal)

-Boiled egg white (17 cal)


If I am hungry for something instead of a snack I eat one of these

-Oatmeal, milk & brown sugar (180 cal)

-Salad: Lettuce, tomato, mushroom, baby corn, green pepper and fat free dressing. (awesome!) (120 cal)

-1/2 Slim fast protein shakes (95 cal)

-small bowl of cereal and low-fat milk (200 cal)



-1 can of Tuna and toast. (280 cal)

-Kidney bean burrito (400 cal)

-1 Frozen pizza (440 cal)

-Small bowl of pasta and sauce (300 cal)


example: I eat Breakfast (porridge), a mid day snack (banana)

Lunch (tuna for instance), a snack (orange, 1/2 protein shake)

Dinner (burrito), a snack (salad).

If I am still hungry I snack on veggies and fruits. And No soda, maybe a few sips of pure juices. And I add veggies into everything. Even pasta, burritos, and on top of the frozen pizza. I am still looking for more stuff online thats simple, yummy and low cal.

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Ok i said id update so here goes...here are some ideas on things to eat that are nice and healthy...not to mention guilt free! put together can make somethin delicious and u can ulternate it so its not the same every time! make great lunch ideas



-cos lettuce

-iceberg lettuce

-green cabage


-butter lettuce

-red cabbage




-bean sprouts


-cherry tomatoes

-steamed broccoli



-steamed cauliflower

-boiled pumpkin


you can use wholegrain mustard, oil, black pepper, garlic, white wine vinega and balsamic vinegar to make different dressing which arnt too fatty.



-celery sticks



-cucumber sticks







-tined sardines

-dried apricots

-tinned corn


-boiled eggs

-fruit juice








as for sandwhiches - you can buy bread which is low in salt and high fibre (wholemeal, wholegrain, seed loafs or white high fibre). You can also use wraps. Put watever meat you like in there, any of the above things i mentioned. to change up the flavours u can try adding these...














-beetroot dip (lol never heard of it!)

-oil free mayo

-sun dried tomato pesto





if anyone wants ideas on sandwhiche combos, salad combos (including dressings) etc lemme know ^_^ hope this helps!

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