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Am I Wrong & What Next?


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I went to a party yest. & ended up going with a much younger man in his 20's. He wants to call me & get together again. Should I or should I not after being NC with my ex for 7 days now. My ex & I last talked 13 days ago & I commicated by voicemail the last time 7 days ago. He is very funny makes me laugh & I had a great time with him but of course everybody at the party was drinking alot. I did give him my cell number & don't know if I should see him again because of the age difference. My girlfriend who had the party's husband is his uncle & I don't know how he feels about this yet.

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What do you mean by "ended up going with..."? Clarification please...


Anyway, I think it depends on what you want out of this. You are recovering from a break-up, which is hard. Maybe this young man is just what you need to cheer you up, but I would not get too emotionally invested in him. A young man's attentions could be the ego boost you need right now.


What do you think?

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I mean I had relations with him. Actually it was really good except not knowing what his uncle (a good friend for years) thinks about it. He knows cause his wife another good friend for years knows & I am sure told him. I just don't want to do a rebound thing since I have been in & out of relationships for 10 yrs straight. I could though just go out with him once & see what happens. Thanks

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Oohhh, "relations"! I was thinking it might have been more tame than that.


Yes, you are in the stage where you are susceptible to a rebound. If you had a good time with him and if you are able to not get too emotionally invested in him, I say, yes, see him again. I think you two need to be upfront with another, however, about expectations.


On the family gossip front, I don't have much advice as I am not sure I understand the dynamic. (Personally, I wouldn't care -- but that's me.)

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