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ex and texting

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hey everyone,


to make a long story short, i havent spoke to my ex in months, not a phone convo or even a text. saturday morning i woke up to a random text from him saying this..."hey im at the shore, ill make sure to eat fudge exp"


i didnt respond back to the text, i thought it was kind of lame, and that last word looked as though he either prematurely sent the message or he tried to delete it before sending it. i cant figure out that word and i dont understand why he would send this text at 6am. IMO, a 6am text is too late to be considered a "drunk" text but too early to be just a casual text.


im not very big on contacting ex's or keeping them in my life so i do not understand this way of thinking, if anyone understands the rationale to this text, i'd love to hear it.

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Hi there,


Is it possible that this was some sort of joke between you two when you were going out? Did you both ever visit this place and eat fudge?

If it doesn't have any meaning or significance to you then I think it's safe to assume that it was just an accident. However, if it does have meaning...then it's possible he may be trying to pursue a friendship. If that is the case, then you need to decide if it's worth it to be his friend or not.

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i agree with everyone that you not texting him back was the best thing.


yeah he might of thought of fudge and thought of you yeah maybe even missed you but it could also be that he got bored and didn't have anyone else to txt at 6am. if you get txts late at night it is a drunk txt but that early is just lame. ex's need to stop txting at the worst times especially with lame things.


you should of told him to "fudge himself" hahahahahha or "fudge off" hahahah ok i'm probably the only one laughing at that but hey just an idea.

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i am not friends with my most ex's because it has ended pretty badly. they were all ex's from highschool and all of them are still in the highschool mindset. i still live in the same small town and sometimes come accross them and they still think i'm the same B***h from highschool. it's almost been 5 years since highschool and i'm no the same person as I was but o well. they never tried to be my friend before so whatever.


the ex's i am friends with are nice guys. but we just didn't make good chemistry.


but your ex seems like a Fudge Packer....lol ok that was the last one i got in me

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a 6am text is too late to be considered a "drunk" text but too early to be just a casual text.


OK this thread is too funny, so more humor is in order. This could be a "vampire" text... what, you ask, is a "vampire text?" I will tell you.


I remember staggering out of Manhattan bars back in the day (could work just the same at the Shore), the Irish pub type places that close between 10-10:30 AM to clean up a bit, then back to business as usual. Some patrons would hang out and WAIT during this time to get back in. (Those patrons sometimes included me)


This is the kind of place where you've been out all night and somebody will suggest going there at 3:30 and everyone thinks it's just a grand idea. Trouble is, these places keep the lights low and the windows covered, and there are always people in there, so before you know it, you have multitasked an entirely new night out into the old one. Yikes!


Next thing you know, it's... 8:30!!! and you HAVE to go NOW! You walk out of the bar and hiss like a sun-scalded vampire, embarrassed to be among the living, stinking drunk in the full naked light of day!


What do you crave at this exact point in time? MOMMY?!? Security Blankie?? Teddy Ruxpen? Cabbage Patch?? Someone to tell you that you aren't the human pondscum you know you are??


Maybe reaching out to your ex with a fond memory will banish the vampire and turn you back into a human being... what a LOVELY idea!! You painstakingly curl your booze addled claws around the phone and try to focus your bloodshot eyes on how many times to press the key to get the damn right spelling. O the agony of drunken texting! 15 minutes of torture later, you have managed to spell out "fudge," and smile in a drunken haze at the memories of the shared special fudge...sweet, sweet fudgy fudge. You have trouble with the next word, e-x-p-e-c... CRAP! you hit the "send" button by mistake. You slink back into the shadows crying boozy, rheumy tears, and make a bee-line to the nearest coffin. "Lord please don't let her post on ENA about that stupid text! Please Lord PLEASE!!"


OK, well you asked for a theory.

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