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help, i cant stop thinking of sex


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I cant stop thinking of sex. I am going through a busy period of my life and i dont want to be committed in a relationship, so i keep thinking of having sex with prostitutes. But i try to control myself, but its getting unbearable.


The last time i had sex was 4 months ago.


I masturbate to relieve myself temporarily. I masturbate once daily, sometimes more.


i would like to think this is just a "high sex drive" , but this is really unhealthy for my mind, please help.

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It's pretty normal to think about sex many times during the day. I can't condone prostitutes as a way of taking care of that, but to each his/her own.


Your personal relief method and frequency sounds completely normal. Don't worry about that.


Not sure why you consider that unhealthy for you mind. It's perfectly okay. Sounds like your sex drive is well within normal limits.

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You don't have it bad until you are going on 2 years since your last action. THATS bad. And thats when you can't stop thinking of sex. One bright side is that the ladies seem even hotter now than they ever did before.


My fault though, I have just been in a psychological rut.

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