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Ok im gonna make this short because i hate talking about it and im not all that comfortable about asking questions like this from people i dont even know. no offense to anyone, ive just never done this before.


So me and this girl were together for a little over 2 years, i cheated on her once about 5 months into our relationship during some difficult times we were having and i regret it every day of my life. Fortunately she was able to accept me back into her life and we were together up until i moved back to campus at my college. Understandably it was hard for her to trust me while i was on campus with all the parties and girls, which caused us to have multiple arguments and we ended up breaking up for about a month. during this month we both kind of went our separate ways, she openly dated another guy for about a week while i stayed single and stayed away from girls, and then we ended up getting back together.


Well about 3 months ago we broke up again because she found out that i had made out with this girl that i had been friends with throughout the school year when we were drunk at a friends party, it was the only time it had ever happened, and truthfully i barely remember the incident, and also didnt tell my ex about it because i just didnt think it was all that big of a deal.


All in all she thinks that im lying and that i actually did more with that girl when i know i didnt so she hasnt talked to me for the past 3 or 4 months. I love her so much and it kills me when i hear about her dating other guys and how they make out all the time... She said that we could try to be friends once i moved back to school again but i really want to be back with her.


Do you guys think this is a lost cause and that im just wasting my hopes and dreams on something that will never work out, or is there some possibility that i may still have a chance with happiness with this girl. I havnt been able to even flirt with other girls since she ended it with me and since we got in our last huge argument over her new boyfriend and how she never calls me. I dont know what to do, i think i just need more opinions.


Also note that we were eachother first loves, i took her virginity, and i had never had sex or even messed around with another girl since that one time i cheated on her. Oh and when i made out with that girl was during that month when we were not together, im sure she was all up on some other guy at the same time i made out with that girl. I know the only reason it happened was because i was able to confide in her, and it led to her thinking that i liked her when really i was just expelling my feelings... and the being drunk part didnt help

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Drunk's not an excuse. It creates the opportunity to use it as an excuse.

You are young. Move on. You have way too much to experience to be settling down anyways, I would suggest not falling in love or worrying about it for at least your 20's.


Be Free and ENJOY IT!

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im not using being drunk as an excuse whatsoever, and really i dont feel that me making out with that girl should have ended us. We were broken up, on a no contact break for almost a month, and she was dating and making out with other guys openly.


Clearly the reason it all ended was because of trust, she saw my actions and a threat that i may cheat on her again although i know i will never again. Even within these last 3 or 4 months i havnt been able to even think about being with another girl.


I know every person is different, but has anyone else had this happen before and has been able to get back together with that person and trust eachother again?


oh and i am 20, im about to start my 3rd year in college. i met this girl when we were both freshman

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Theres's every chance that this is a lost cause, then again maybe it's not. How much do you love this girl, i mean do you really love her!? If the answer is yes, don't give up. That doesn't mean you are to pursue her, you should work on yourself..improve, physically and mentally. This will increase your chances. One more thing, did she ever love you? If so, you stand a better chance of things working out for you. One way or the other, you have to commit, either to moving on, or to getting her back.



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yes we loved eachother a lot. i would do anything to get her back, but i know shes off right now doing her best to forget about me and all the hard times that we had before we broke it off for good. I just wish it would have all ended a little better than it did. it sucks because so many guys are trying to be with her and i already have heard about her making out with guys in front of even my own friends. it sucks, im hurting so much i keep thinking that one day were going to just make up and be together in love again but i fear that will never happen

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I know it's hard mate, but the best thing to do is, well to do nothing. Don't call her, write her, do nothing. She'll be in touch, it may be sometime...in my opinion if you loved someone, there will always be 'something' between you, just make sure you're ready for when she does want to talk. j

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