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Another nice walk with my new friend

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I am still a snotty drippy bag of phlegm (nice imagery, eh!) and I have been trying to recover form the illness. I am going to the doc tomorrow to get SOMETHING to get this knocked out of my system!


BUT, today I decided I had to get mobile and do something. So, I decided I would take a drive in the Yukon to see the fall colors (just beginnning to change, my favorite time of year!) On the drive it was BEAUTIFUL and I had a grand specimen of a bear on the drive. He was fattening up for winter and was eating berries on the side of the road. I really enjoyed the time in the truck, just driving and realizing how much this land here heals me and makes me complete and feel alive! I listend to music, enjoyed the sun and just had time to think. And while I drove I thought about how far i had come in regards to healing from the hell of the relationship. I also know that even though I may dwell from time to time, I feel very comfrtable and confident in not allowing her to hoover me back into anything if/when she tries.


When I got home I decided to go for my yearly walkk around town and visit the shops and play "tourist." There is so much gorgeous artwork here and it is always nice to stroll and see it and the photos for sale and everything else.


I did splurge a little and bought myself a new piece of outdoor gear/clothing which IO can justify for work (and it just plain feels good to do) and a couple other small items.


Then I went home to relax and try to let this illness not get the better of me. I napped and watched a DVD of "My Name is Earl" (funny stuff!)


Then I decided to stroll for the eveing and bumped into my new friend who I had gone on a few dates with. She and I decided to walk/hike together and we walked out to the Point to spot seals and look down the Canal at the Chilkat Mountains. We talked about everything under the sun, and she was great listening to me talk about my ex, what happened and the abortion et. al. It felt good to talk with her about this and she was incredibly understanding about it all. It helped make me feel a bit more "human" in everything.


I guess I am just writing as a point of part of the process of healing. Ups and downs. It takes time, and we all have to ride it out, but if you keep moving forward, you can see progress.



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Sounds like a wonderful day Eric....even with your cold. I've met a similiar person that I enjoy hiking and seeing once or twice a week....about all I can handle at this point. I took a 30 mile bike ride today also which was my first ride in almost 9 months. The heart stayed in rhythm and I feel a good kind of tired tonight I haven't felt in ages. Still have my moments thinking about the ex but for the most part it feels more removed and less intense.


You truly live in the one of the most beautiful places on earth....Oregon is nice but I've always wanted to visit the Alaska and the Yukon. Maybe a trip up the trans Alaska highway next summer?


Glad you're in better shape with all of this stuff. Up and down as you say.

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If you make it up this way Coyote, you will be extended true Alaskan Hospitality. You will of course have to stay at my place (I move into my new place in a week) and I can show you the stuff only the locals know.


It is the most beautiful place on earth, well so far as I have seen!



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Eric that is terrific!


It's always good to buy something for yourself isn't it? Especially when you can truly justify it, even if it's just in your head .


I would kill to overlook the seals, that truly sounds wonderful! I went on a long ride today on my dual sport (a dirt bike with streetability) , made breakfast overlooking the lakes, and mountains in my area. Was truly spectacular. Two minutes later I hopped on my bike, and went to put my foot down, to which there was no ground, and broke my toe + sprained my foot. Godamn dirt roads I tell you! Wish I would have hiked!

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