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How do i fix this???

Blue Skittles

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I'm experiencing such a big range of emotions and I'm just a big emotional wreck today. Part of the reason is because I was at a wedding all day yesterday and so I'm really overwhelmed and burnt out. That and the drinking didn't help either, in terms of depression.


I went to this wedding where I didn't really know anyone. The good thing is my boyfriends brothers and their girlfriends went and so I wasn't completely alone. His parents went too. There were these girls at the wedding and at the beginning before thewedding started (my bf was in the wedding party) they were calling out his name and saying he looked soooo good and giggling over him. I had no clue who they were. So they were annoying and my bfs best friend wanted to hang out with them and go for drinks after the ceremony. Well me and the girls (the girlfriends) decided they were annoying and we didn't want to be around them. So we went to our own place for drinks. My bf ended up spending the whole night going around the corner to smoke pot with his best ffriend and these skanky girls. I still had a great time just hanging out with the girls and the parents so I was ok. But I was really upset at my bf for dragging me to this wedding and then ditching me a lot. Especially cuz he knows i don't like pot. I got a little emotional, nothing under control. The girls assured me it was ok and him and his brothers are kinda stupid like that and they get upset too. I didn't cause a big scene or anything, just a few teardrops is all.


The problem is my bf and I just can't get along today. We're both really burnt out. Him being in the wedding party took a lot out of him. I get socially overwhelmed as it is so all day events like weddings/graduations have always been hard for me. I've been really cold to him because I'm just not feeling "the love" as cheesy as that sounds I'm just not feeling any love from him and I'm not feeling any love for him either. Its stupid. I know I love him, but its just today has been hard. I get home and I can't stop crying and I really have no one to reach out to. I tried calling 5 of my closest friends and they arent answering their phones. I feel lost and I have no idea what to do with myself. I know what i need is a really long sleep but I can't do that because I can't stop crying. I don't even know how to stop from feeling all this coldness towards my bf and just make up with him. I guess I'm kinda stubborn like that.

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thank you for the reply. its just really hard because right now I have no one to talk to. Its making me feel worse every minute. I can't get better. no one is answering the phone. not even distress lines. its nuts. When you really need someone no one is there. If anyone can spare a minute to talk to me i would appreciate it.

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it is a wedding. it is for the bride and groom. he was part of the wedding party. he is going to be busy. he can't cater to you all day. this happens at every wedding i've been to. i usually sit with the gfs of my buddies that are in the wedding party as well as their female friends. doesn't bother me any. hehe. but what i'm saying is i see them alone at the table while their bf/husband is in the wedding party. they are extremely tied up in the wedding. i hope you get over this.

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