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When we first started dating my boyfriend seemed to want to have sex but then I told him I was a virgin and he backed off, saying that he was relieved not to have so much pressure to make moves on me. Eventually, we did have sex twice, but he doesn't seem to push for this. He never put any pressure on me. I think he may have body image issues because he hasn't been working out much and even told me it felt strange to be unclothed in front of me. He rarely makes plans which involve us going back to his place anymore. I'm wondering if he's afraid I'll want sex. My questions are...


(1) Will I embarrass him too much by bringing this up?


(2) What is a polite way to ask him what his thoughts are on sex?


(3) I know many women would love to have a relationship where the guy isn't bugging them for sex. Should I count my blessings and keep quiet?


I am very attracted to him but I don't want him to think I'm superficial and I only want him for sex.

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