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Info on "The Choking Game"

Capn Crunch

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Ok well alot of times this summer my sister, a few friends of ours and I, go out in the middle of the night and get drunk.


A lot of times after well go back to the house and she would hook up with this one guy, nothing sexual, just making out and stuff, i look out for my sister but im not gonna stop from doing things like that.


But the next morning she was talkig about putting alot of makeup on her neck i figure it was from hickies but then when i saw her neck it did not look like hickies.


I remembered seing an article on "The Choking Game" a game where you choke your self as a sort of High. I've never seen anyone do this but when I saw my sisters neck thats what came to mind.


Basically I need to know what your neck looks like after you do this, because when i saw my sisters neck it looked some strangled her. So if anyone has any info on this please post a reply.

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Well, first of all..making out is very sexual and leads to other things. Especially if she is drunk.


I have never heard of such a thing called the choking game. Honestly if she is making out with strangers the marks on her neck are most likely hickies.


Why don't you talking to her about it?

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There is indeed such a thing and it is very dangerous. I was going to post a link about it but decided against as we don't want to give people ideas.


People have died trying this. If you have good reason to suspect she is doing it you should tell your parents.

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I know tell my parents is a good idea, but i would never do that to my sister.


Its a good idea, and iwill talk to her about it and i will be able to stop her if she is accually doing this. She'll listen to me, not our parents, also if i spoke about it with my parents they'd be to rash and just punish her instead of helping.

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It's "supposed" to give you a better orgasm, that's why people do it...because when you're life is threatened(you know the feeling)...adrenaline starts rushing, and in turn that would cause a more adrenalined pumped orgasm, that's why it's a high.


^^^But like DN said, people HAVE died from doing this...so ...yeah, really gotta be careful...a lot of damage can be done to someone's brain by cutting off oxygen flow, if not even the worst outcome and accidently killing her by choking her to death.

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The choking game is very very serious. People have been dying from it for years. I did a project on it at one of my internships. Talk to your sister...but also tell an adult. Do you have any extended family members you would feel comfortable talking to? Since this "game" is so serious, I think you'd be better off getting more people involved because some people become really good at hiding it.

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Its not just to do with oxygen flow. ITs to do with reaching the ultimate high. There was a film called 'Crash' by Kroenburg. Banned in most countries, and highly illegal to be in possession of - hence why i had to see it of course... about these guys who create car crashes for the sexual high just before the crash, saying that they didn't mind if they died if they reached the ultimate high... Hanging on a thread away from death can be, apparently, for some people, sexual.


It IS twisted, stupid, idiotic, and VERY DANGEROUS

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