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From Today a New Me!


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I posted here a week or so ago about my over nervousness and such... and I've been trying to put some of the advice to practice.


Today I was sitting there, getting nervous about some random issue... and I thought to myself, I want to be a big shot one day, own a company, make it big in the world... and how will I do it, acting like this.


So from today,


A new me! I vow:


I will tackle the issues head on, no matter how uncomfortable they are for me.

If there is a problem, I won't be quiet about it, people will hear from me.

No more getting all worked up about stupid things.

I will be more confident, and not allow anyone to put me down.

I will never again feel sorry for myself.

I will make things happen instead of wishing for them.

No more shoulda woulda coulda... instead it will be, I did.

No more skirting around the issues, pretending they are not there.


So here we go, as of 8:15pm, the old me is dead. He got ambushed by a group of masked men, and thrown to the bottom of Lake Ontario. And as of today I will no longer use doomed_one as my login, no more being in the dumps Anytime I start feeling like my old self, I will get up, and laugh about how I will destroy the pronlem at hand.


Thank you,



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