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Feeling bruised

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I just have a few questions.Maybe im being paranoid.

Just recently ive been really hurting after sex. It feels like im bruised down there or something,sorry if this is crude.I wanted to know if anyone else ever gets this and what could be the problem? It never used to happen but its getting pretty bad.


Also,does alcohol really affect a guys ability to ejaculate? Like if he drinks and then has sex does this automatically mean he wont be able to ejaculate very easily? Is it any amount of alcohol that can do this?


Thankyou if anyone can help me.

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Booze and many drugs, both legal and non, affect sexual performance.


As for the injury, please see a Gyno, you may just have a little bruise inside, or it could be something swollen inside, or even an infection, best way is to get a check up.


I suggest you stop having vaginal sex until you get that cleared up. you could make matters worse if you continue.



BTW, I noticed you changed your Avatar, cute.


take care, I mean it!!!

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