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Awkward but...My period stopped.


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Halfway through it just stopped. I had unprotected sex the day before yesterday, stupid I know but we did. Though the chances of my being pregnant from that are low he hadn't had any previous ejaculations. He prethingied (?) outside of me and we washed it off then did it. He ejaculated outside of me. Afterwards my period was a lot heavier and it continued to be until last night. When I woke up this morning my pad was clear and I haven't bled at all since.


I have a cold or the flu or something nasty.


So, could I be pregnant or is it because I'm sick?

When will my period come back?

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Having a period means that the egg has not be fertilised and that the lining of the uturus isn't needed anymore to grow a baby, then the lining breaks down and blood & tissue is lost thru the cervix & vagina, if that happened after you two had unprotected sex ,its highly unlikely you are pregnant. If you want to make sure however (which you should), get a pregnancy test , cheap and available at almost every apothecary.


Unprotected sex is asking to becoming pregnant. Pulling back and ejecting outside is unsafe sex, in pre-cum ,semen is also present which are able to make you pregnant.


Let him wear a condom, and use birthcontrol pills yourself if you do not want a baby. Use nothing if you want a baby. Don't make the stupid mistake of not using any anti-conception methods, and then panicking that you might have become pregnant. Sorry if that sounds a little harsh but its important to understand that every action in your life has consequenses attached to it, and this isn't a game because new born life might be at stake as wel as your own life. If you aren't prepared for a baby and can't give it an adequate future, you won't only ruin your life but the life of your child as well. So please THINK before you act!

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