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Girlfriends myspace pictures ok or not????


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well i will keep it short my girlfriend is a myspace nut and as if its not bad enough that she is always on there she now has 300 pictures which in my opinion is crazy. now she is a very outgoing person and friendly with everybody, loves pictures whole nine yards which is ok but, some new pictures she has added are her with a bunch of guys out at various bars or parties who she says are friends and was willing to go through them with me telling me who they were.


this is all good but there are probably 15 different guys she is with in these pictures ( maybe 40 of them) and it drives me nuts that she thinks this is ok... she is very faithful and a good gf but i hate the whole picture deal on myspace from the pictures with these guy friends to just haveing 300 pictures.


is this me being jelous and caring when i shouldnt or do i have a valid point here? im not sure what to do and dont want to start a conflct when one is not needed.. any advice would be appreciated.

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I think your being a bit jealous. They are just friends, and if you guys have trust which is really important, then it shouldn't be a problem.

I would however think it would be nice of her to addres pics of you as "me and my bf" or something like that, or at least give some indication of beng in a relationship, so it doesn't look like she is just on there to get guy attention or something.

But in the end, pics are just pics, and I have a whole bunch of pics on myspace, some with guys I hardly know yet took a pic next to them.

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I'm a Facebook NUT and have over 50 albums and over 400 photos of myself (with others, not one of those "i like to take pictures of myself in the bathroom" types...) and 400 that others have tagged of me. In many I am with various guy friends too. I am just very social and also a complete photo freak.


My point is, my having photos on one of these sites has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with my faithfulness to my significant other. If she is willing to go through these pictures explaining who these guys are with you, then she is probably like me. I would never cheat on a boyfriend and to have my love of posting photos linked to cheating in anyway would be disrespectful to me....If she's faithful and a good girlfriend, then what's the problem?


If I were her and you started a conflict over this, I would just think you were being completely irrational. Unless there were pics of her half naked and kissing these guys or something then she's doing nothing wrong.

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300 pictures? are they over a 5 year period or is she like my bf's 15 year old sister and can put up 300 pictures from one weekend?


Myspace is a strange place and can attract strange people (hey, I'M on there, ha ha ha ha).... so you have to be careful. She might be sort of addicted to it, in which case you have to wean her away from her computer. I know you can't distract her all the time, but try and make her see there's more important things in life than myspace.


oh, and facebook rules.

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MySpace aside, she's in all these situations with like 15+ guys all over the place, like where are you? It's bound to happen if you two go out separate one weekend, I'll give her that. But displaying it over the internet makes you look like a fool. I'd be like "where's her boyfriend?"


I mean who even cares if they're just friends, I hope she has 99% more pics of you than other guys up on there, or my guess the rest are her pouting for the camera. I do think it goes beyond just MS though.

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