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What should i choose, life matters?


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should i go to europe for 2 years and meet new ppl, have fun , while getting my masters degree OR stay with my bf in states

on a current job that pays well?



single meeting new ppl in europe vs. bf that i love

masters degree abroad, no money to spend vs current job that pays well


what should i choose?


i am 23

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I guess you have to kind of weigh out your options and figure out which is more important to you. If you see a future with your boyfriend and you don't want to lose him, you might have to work something out where either you stay there or you guys continue a long distance relationship. Or maybe you just go to Europe for a shorter period of time.


But maybe you are feeling it is time to move on. Its always exciting embarking on a new adventure and not having anyone to answer to. You are probably seeking a thrill like this which is completely normal for your age. You want to know what else is out there.


I wish you luck whatever you decide. Neither is a bad decision. I saw a documentary that said we can afford to take more risks in our life as long as we know that whateverdecision we make its going to turn out ok.

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No one can tell you what to do, however, I spent 7 months in Europe last summer and I can tell you a few things you are going to feel. First isolated, everyone you really care about is probably going to be 7 hours or more behind you. While most people in Europe speak english that does not mean they speak it well or will speak it with you. Assuming you want to travel have some fluency in Dutch, French, Spanish, and Italian. You are going to feel like you are two years old again because in most cases you will not be able to read signs, menus, and probably most everything else.


With all that being said I had a great time my first 4 months or so, but after that it got kind of old and it really gave me a new perspective of the US. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything, but just remember it's going to be a lot harder then you think.

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If you love your bf that much i wouldn't think you'd care about the experience...seeing that you already have a good job and live in a great country with 1000's of things to see and do.


I strongly agree with cooperstown aswell. The grass isn't all that greener on the other side.

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I completely understand the OP's desire to travel abroad. Most people claim the US is the best...unfortunately alot of those people have never been outside the US! I say take the oppurtunity...its the best age to do it at.


I am also saying you should take it because, no offense, but if your willing to leave your boyfriend so you can be single in Europe and meet people...then I kind of doubt you "love" him romantically as you claim.

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