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Hi everyone,


Its my first time here.

I would appriciate some advice from you.

Im 30, so is my boyfriend of almost a year.

He is very nice , caring and has a lot of humour. I am in love with him and he says he is with me too. The problem is that we dont seem to get much closer emotionally. Sometimes it feels almost like we have just met. I feel he doesnt open up and he says he tries to but not much has changed. I am in no way perfect and I do know that I cant push him to share, but it just feels loneky sometimes. Now he talks about moving in together this year. What if things dont improve? Am I just asking for to much? I just dont know how to break the barrier between us. We are different people, he is practical, I am more of a dreamer. Does anyone have any advice or have broken the ice?

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I can understand why you feel like this. It must feel extremely lonely at times. Like he's blocking himself off from you in some ways. I think that either it's just the way he is and he won't change, or that perhaps if you give him some space, he'll relax and start opening up. It sounds to me like he is serious about you, the fact that he wants to take the next step and move in.

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What is a interpersonal relationship about if you don't open up?


Maybe you will have to find a deeper connection somewhere else...?


Food for the heart. It is out there. In the mean time, bring this topic up in a serious manner considering he wants to live with you.

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