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OMG, Saw my EX on Campus!!


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Ex broke up with me after more than 6 years. she broke it off in March. couple days later shes with this one guy I used to be friends with. They went on a break during summer b/c she wanted to grow as a person. That was bs b/c after summer they are still togather. She lives close by me but never saw her this summer. She called once a week up until first week of july and stopped calling b/c i ignored all of them.

I saw her on campus a few days ago with that other guy. We couldnt avoid it b.c we saw each other in the hallway. My heart literally stopped for multiple seconds and i just froze. I just looked at her and she looked back. We didnt even say hi. I literally just froze up. You guys ever get that b4? The messed up thing was that other guy waved his hand at me like he was mocking me. Being the good guy i am i just kept walking lol. This whole summer I didnt pick up her phone calls b/c i wanted to heal. Why am i scared to be on campus. Im always paranoid that I will bump into her/them. I guess im just scared b/c I dont want to have to ever go through the pain I did in the beginning. Why am I so bothered?

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You were together for six years - give yourself a break! It takes a long time to get over a relationship that lasted that long. So, it's unsurprising that even though you realised you might see her in the future, that it was a total shock when you did. I am sure you will handle it much better if there is a next time. *hugs*

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That happened to me. I went through a really bad break up in college. I was so stressed out I spent a night in the looney bin at the hospital.


My parents wanted me to take a year off school or to transfer schools. The didn't want me near this person what so ever.


I had to buck up. I wasn't letting this tragedy ruin my plans for my future.


It was hard!!!


It was weird - - - - I mean we are talking huge state college with thousands of people and we had entirely opposite majors but it didn't matter when or where we were constantly crossing paths.


We both avoided the contact. At first I was still hurting but looking back I'm grateful. I don't know how I would have handled it. I kept interpeting it as fate - I mean why else would we keep popping up in the same place???


Interesting note - about 10 years later I get a letter from him saying he was so sorry for the way he treated me back then. I thought about responding so many times but never did (this was 7 years ago.) I still think of him from time to time we were so close to each other once. There are parts of my personality that were definitely shaped by him. I kept the positive ones and always treasure them. I have this feeling that one day we'll be in touch again.


So I feel your pain. I remember what that was like - he was my first love. And, no matter how many times people tell you it will get better you never see how it could possibly - and so many times you don't want it to get better because it means you've had to let go. But, it does get better - a year and a half later I met a truly amazing man... I learned so much more about love.


Hang in there!

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The best thing to do is act like it doesn't bother you when you see them. Be the adult. Yeah it sucks rt now b/c its still fresh in your mind but showing that it bothers you well your letting them win. Move on and you'll find someone better that isn't gonna play with your mind.

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Hey joiboi.


This stuff really sucks when you HAVE to bump into your ex, especially when they are now with someone else. All I can suggest is that you use this to harden yourself up. You have faced your fears once and you will face them again. The difference now is that you have done it once so it will be easier the next time.


It ain't ideal but keep up with what you are doing.



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I 'think' i saw my ex the other day, can't be sure..but if it wasn't she has a double. She just kinda blanked me! I know how you must be feeling, i know it doesn't feel good. I like you invested a lot of time in this relationship and although the break up was largely due to my actions..this kind of treatment isn't fair. Just hold your head up high, i know it gets to you..don't show that to them. You may be weak in this situation, but there's no reason for them to know that.


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