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oh, so about the other night


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hey gang, I posted about my quandry of having to go out to the same club with the bouncer and barteneder both of whom I kind of like as friends and


^here is the story^


so I just played it cool. I asked *dxxx* the bouncer what he was up to and he seemed happy to see me where as earlier that night I just walked past the club and pretended to ignore them and that was not a good idea, I think it was hurtful


I walked in the bartender got super excited to see me and ran up and was like hey what's up real smiley and he was like I was *on vacation last * week, sorry if I missed ya and I was like, oh, I was here last week and noticed you were not here.


so the night goes on and its closing time


so I go up and ask the *bouncer* if I can take his picture and he said no It is the native american in me so I cant have my picture taken with a smile.


and then D***the bartener I said bye to and he hugged me and we kind of just kissed like one half an inch left of lips, it was almost a full kiss!


but it was friendly I guess, and I said till next time and he whispered

*come back real soon* and winked and blew me a kiss.


so I mean I guess that could have been a come on but I'll listen to your advice and be like I am not going to get involved with him cause then I would have to stop going to that club.


but really I mean he has gotten jealous before when he has seen me with another guy.



Is there anyone here who has worked as a bartender and dated a customer that could have some insight on how to approach this, if I should just ask him what he is doing after closing time, or what to do cause its slowly building up and Im not sure what to do next time I see him. thanks.

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