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overseas and i dont know if i should say something


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okay so i am oversea and i like a girl who was overseas with me, but she went home, i like her alot and id like to tell her how i feel without making it akward or weird. anyways i am still overseas and wont be home for a few months.


should i wait tell i am home to say something? and any ideas how to approach this?

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I don't see why not, I mean you have plans to go back home in a few months from what I read. My husband and I were in an online relationship for the first few months of our relationship. We then spent 3 months together in which we got married and another 6 months at my home country. I've been traveling back and forth with him for over a year.


You have plans to be together so I think if she likes you that there would be no problem. If she doesn't like you then you can just stay friends right?


Good Luck,


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