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Me and my boyfriend sometimes use baby oil in the bedroom. A friend of mine told me that it is bad for you on the inside. That surprised me as I thought anything suitable for a babys skin should be safe. Does anyone know if it's true? I know that it can cause condoms to weaken but that's not an issue for us.



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Baby oil is derived from petroleum oil, which does not let human skin 'breathe' and is a very harsh product. I actually wouldn't use it on my baby either, frankly. Think of refined motor oil -- that's what it is. Baby oil also contains fragrances that can over time cause allergies, are synthetic and might even be bad for skin cells over time because of the chemicals.


Much better are pure, natural vegetable oils such as olive oil. That is what one of my doctors recommends. It is also more edible than baby oil! And it's probably even good for your skin because it has some good quality emolients. You can also use a more mild smelling oil if it smells like you're in an Italian restaurant.


Remember that ALL oils will destroy condoms.

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I would think that baby oil is good for you since it good for babies. Its very good for getting a very good tan.


Sorry, off topic, but do NOT use any kind of oil for tanning, you are basically frying your skin in oil!!! Just use sun tan lotion to protect your skin, a good tan is NOT worth risking your health for!


Bloomer, I would also have thought baby oil would be okay, but to be on the safe side use products intended for sexual use, like regular lube. Oil-based products do affect condoms, so aside from other problems, if you are counting on condoms for protection, oil-based products are an absolute no-no (including oil-based lubes, massage oils etc.)

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Before there was a massive KY marketing campaign...there was baby oil.


I don't think it is the BEST thing to use - it does not allow very good breathing and it can disrupt the PH balance in more sensitive women or lead to infections (versus water based lubricants). And of course, never use ANY oil based product with condoms.


Here is something though...I have often heard baby oil recommended as a lube when trying to conceive as it does not hamper the movement of sperm as other lubes may....so be careful about upping your chances if you are not wanting too!




And totally OT too....yes, frying your skin is a stupid thing to be doing! A tan is your body saying "I am burning and starting to reproduce cancer cells" - yay!

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