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I'm a girl who's only 14. There's this really popular guy in my school. At first i didn't felt anything about him. But after our teacher puted us in the same group, i feel like I can't stop thinking about him. Normally I can just try my best to get his attention. But this is different. He's popular, in girls. There's at least 15 girls in the school who likes him, and most of them is all popular and nice. And I don't want to hurt or ruin the friendship between me and them, plus even if i became his girlfriend someday, I don't think I can take the jealousy around me. I'm not the fighty type, and I just want the crush bury in my heart forever. But everytime I saw his dark brown eyes, my heart always melt. And I can't seems can stop thinking about him any second. I like this guy so much, but the problem is: Too many girls like him, and he like too many girls.

Sometimes, I think is wrong to like a guy like this, so ignore him in the past few days. But you know, once you like someone and you don't want other people to know about your crush, sometimes, you're being very mean to him, and that's exactly what I did to him(not on purpose), but he always being nice to me. However, after I read his autobiography, i felt so sorry for him, i've never met anyone like him before, if i'm him, i don't even know if i could still be alive today, but it's just made me like him even more, except, this time i think he deserve every A+ he got, every smile to him. So from now on I still want to forget him, that's just making him more prefect, too good for me. He's not the one I should compete with, could compete with. But somehow i just can't seems to forget about him. On the cross country today(cross country is a running team, both me and him are in it), when i'm sitting alone on a rock, he walked over me with that charming look on his face. he said "what's up, Cecilia?" (fake name, just for the safety on the internet), I'm so surprised, he's so popular, he never talk to a girl first, is always like girls talking to him. Now i'm confused, I want to forget about him, but sometimes he like to flirts with me. I just can't forget about him.[/code]

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