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urgent help, should I move on or no?

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Hello everyone,


I am back for advice again and that I think totally screw up with the girl that I like at work. To make the story short is that she just broke up with her boyfriend about a week and half ago. Her and I have been flirting with one another for the last three months and that we have been talking to one another on the phone almost everyday and sometimes even twice day. But I got frustrated because I was trying really hard to read her whether she like me or not? So dumb ass that I am told her that I like her last Sunday. This was the beginning of mistake. I shouldn't have said anything to her. Then last night, I made bigger mistake I ask her how does she feel about me. The answer I got was I don't know. She says that she is not say no or yes. She is just don't know. Well I guess in my eyes that is a no. I don't know what everyone thinks. She also says that she doesn't want to ruin the friendship that we have right now. She thinks that I am one of the sweetest guy that she ever met. She also said that since she just broke up with boyfriend. She doesn't want get back into it so soon. I totally understand and that I told her over the phone and that I even wrote her email to tell her that. I want her to get to know me and me getting to know her better. But She told me last night that she would call me today. But she never did. She didn't have school today, but she did have to work. I thought I would least get a email from her since she went to work. Unless she was too busy to replied to my email or she didn't check email today. What should I do. I will see her at work tomorrow. I know that I keep saying that I would not pressure her and what I do? I went ahead like dumb ass and start asking her how she feels about me and tell her how feel about her. I really can't believe and that I am trying to have hope. But did I blew with this girl. What should I do when I see her tomorrow. Should I just play it cool and not to talk to her. Or should I ask her why she has call or email me. Is this her way trying to avoid. I am kicking myself about all the mistakes that I made in the last seven days. She have never pressure her. But my emotions just took over me and that I had to know how she felt about me. So in the end. I want to ask everyone. DO I still have chance with her or should I just move on and start easing my pain on this. If I should have chance, how should I deal with her. Should I just leave her alone for while and let her do the calling. Please I really need on this on. Every comments or suggestions would help.





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Okay. firstly, isnt it frustrating just being 'nice' to lady friends. It really gets to me the way I can have a trillion women think I'm cute and nice... yet none of them are intrested. Well, I guess thats the way it was meant to be.


Ya... I wouldnt give up. I am sought of in the same situation only that she approached me first... and I did not hesitate in returning the same feelings to her. But now I'm in your situation with her. And after a month now i've realised ther worst thing you can do is to pressure her to answer your questions. Give her time, it is the things that love us that keep coming back.... if she cares she will return those feelings. The best thing for you to do is to wait. When you are with her... be yourself. Maybe she hasnt seen you yet the way you see her... give it time.


Dont ring her to much and dont pressure her. Give it time, let her come to you. You've done your part... now just keep being yourself.

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