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so..this is an update.


it's been over a year since my wife and i ended our life together. she has moved in with the guy she was having the affair with and i guess that means she's happy. i haven't talked to her in about 9 months...so i don't really know what she's up to and frankly...don't care.


i have spent my time working, improving myself, crying, being angry and bitter, talking with my therapist, taking trips, feeling better, being less angry and bitter, taking road trips with my dog, working, travelling, hiking, camping, feeling better, being much less angry and not bitter...


it's been a hell of a trip.


but life is full of surprises. i have been so worried about not feeling the "spark" again...not feeling the butterflies and electricity of meeting a person and being willing to risk getting hurt just to see if it works out...


after my wife cheated on me i feared that part of me was dead.


but amazingly...i met a woman...and the spark hit me full force.


i am taking my time...getting to know her...and being very careful to stay open, honest and real with her...so she knows who i am and what i have been through. she's really great...smart, funny, athletic...a little goofy which fits me well...


so who knows. it may fail...but it gives me hope. hope that someday...i'll meet the girl who gives me butterflies and stays with me for the rest of my days.


so...there is hope. thank god for the spark.


that's my update. i hope all of you are getting through your pain and your struggles as best you can. keep working hard...i'll do the same.






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That's wonderful! I'm glad to hear that things are looking up for you, puppeteer! You may actually look back on the past few months, and the coming months, as the best days of your life. This is the time when it's all about you, getting you in shape physically, mentally, and emotionally, and when you get to see how strong you really are.

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That is great news... very encouraging, indeed. I have been on a couple of dates since my relationship ended.. one with a very nice and attractive girl and I was worried about the same thing... that after all i have been through I might not be able to feel that "spark" again just out of my own fears. Congratulations, and I wish you all the best.

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