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how can he be so heartless?

dream catch me

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Boyfriend of 4months, has now been ignoring my calls, voicemails and text! We met up on wednesday, everything was fine had an argument but sorted it out. He said that 'if i needed him or was worried about him about anything, i can call him whenever' Then he text me saying 'sorry about earlier' I rang him on thursday cos my friend wanted to know something. He rang me back but i was in a exam. I tried ringing him since. Texting him saying 'if something was up' then he text back saying 'nothing is wrong, just let it go' then nothing after that. Rang him loads, text him loads. I even asked him to give me a miss call, if he wants to end it. Nothing...! I'm giving up now, but i just don't understand how someone can say 'i will try to be a better bfrnd' then ignore me for no apparent reason! I rang his mum and she told me that he wanted to say to me that he was revising for an exam, which is by the way not taking place and wanted to be alone and that he would call me...never did! i just don't understand!

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A relationship is all about being together, but still allowing eachother to do their own thing. You can love someone but you don't own them as your personal property. Give him space to breathe, and don't overexaggerate the amount of contact you have with him. Show you have a life of your own to live.

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Why would u guys be over?

What makes u think you are..?


With exams an all im guessing hes just really into that at the mo...dont take his distance to heart.

Right now ur giving him reason to back away..if u have tried calling once/txtin once then i'd say leave it b let him get intouch with you

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