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Been intimate with new girl but still think of ex??

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Hey everyone... Thanks for reading

Many of you who have read my many previous posts will understand more.

The thing is that my ex of almost 3 years and I broke up about 2 months ago. It was a rough 2 months at that, especially when she started dating someone soon after we broke up.We've kept in touch a bit about once a week and I mentioned I think twice about getting back together and she would say that she wasn't sure right now and was afraid of trying again. Well for the past 2 weeks I've been dating this new girl and she's really nice and all and tonight we were intimate for the first time , it was nice but I think I may be leading her on. What I mean by that is that I think or actually know for sure that she likes me alot more than I like her. But the thing is that I can't stop thinking of my ex and I feel really bad that I think this way. Meaning that I still love my ex and I'm being intimate with this new girl that I like but don't really want a relationship with at this time. Should I break it off with this new girl or see what happens? If so how to I break it off? I really don't know how, I mean when I was younger I would just sleep with them and wait until they broke it off with me. I'm confused? What should I do?

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I think that you should leave the new girl. Did you emotionally get to her? I mean, did you ask her if she wanted something long-term with you?


In any case, you should be upfront and tell her that you want casual sex with her and nothing else. She'll get the clue, and then hopefully, be the one to walk out.

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Yeah I never said I wanted anything long term.. To be honest at first , like the first 3-4 dates , I really really like her but now It seems that she's just nice and cute but that's all nothing emotionally but she feels very emotionally towards me. She's told me in subtle ways and physically shows it. Like today I met her after work and first thing she did was give me a kiss, It was nice but I think she wants to be my girlfriend soon? I've only dated her for 2 weeks not even almost 2 weeks..

But the thing is I hate hurting girls, I'm a wimp when it comes to breaking it off, Is there an easier way?

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Be brutally honest! Tell her straight out, "I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I don't see us going anywhere..."


It might sound cold, but do it! Women appreciate honesty. I would rather have someone tell me to my face instead of beating around the bush. If you don't tell her, then she'll keep on dragging her emotions on you, and then will continue to cling on you even more.


Just tell her, girls sense things when there's something wrong. She'll probably appreciate your honesty. It might hurt her, but she'll get over it.


Be true to yourself, and things will fall in place.


Just take her to a restaurant, somewhere public, and let her know, oh, and don't show any emotions, don't hold her hands, nothing. You are not being cold...


She'll see that you're not playing games.

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Let this girl go on with her life. If she still wants to see you and sleep with you then cool. Please be honest with her now before she gets hurt. Sheis your rebound. You need to heal before moving on and tell the women up front that you JUST got out of a relationship. Leave the rest up to them.

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