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Depression Drug (Help!)


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I have been feeling pretty down on and off for the past few months, and am not sure of the reason.


I have found that recently, I would masturbate when I'm feeling down, and for a short time, I would forget by problems, but the moment that orgasm came, I would feel 10 times worse than I did before hand.


I have thereforeeee been masturbating more than usual to get feeling better, which in turn makes me feel worse. Masturbation has become like a drug, and I am totally addicted.


Does anyone have any idea of a way to help?





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Masturbating creates a dopamine blast in the brain.


So eventually, rather quickly actually you are going to go thru some withdrawl. If you can survive these withdrawl periods, which can last from a few minutes to longer periods of time and can come very frequently you will then go thru some gaps in time where your desire to do it is less.


Keep a journal of how often you do it and see what happens if you increase the time between the act. Also monitor your thoughts, emotions, etc...during this period. A few people can "sublimate" the energy by channeling it into other things...this takes practice however.


You are only going to be able to sublimate it for so long. Your depression following masturbation seems to be llinked to your doing the act and feeling guilty, which is nothing too terrible really. Do you know how many murders there wouild be if guys didn't do it? I do alot of writing at home and sometimes i gotta get things out of the way just to focus and sometimes i can use that energy for me.


I also found that if i do it once, i become exhausted, but if i do it twice i become slightly energized again, but this is purely anecdotal and not sure why...

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You need to address the depression.


Sure you already knew that, tho, right.


Plenty of depressed people turn to sex and/or masturbation. It feels good, depression feels horrid.


So basically you need to learn some new ways to help yourself feel better or to at least learn to tolerate unpleasant feelings.


Entrophy's suggestion could work because it offers self discipline and monitoring your moods and thoughts.


What else are you doing to deal with this besides masturbation?

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Eat and sleep.


I am getting pretty down because of several reasons.


1 - I've just finished school, and everything is changing around me. All my friends are growing up and moving on in life, and it upsets me.


2 - I am falling for a girl. But she said, although she does admit to feeling the same, he cant date me because I used to date her sister.


But yeah, all I do is eat and sleep. The eating makes me look bad (zit wise) and so I get more depressed and eat more. etc.



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