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laughing during sex?


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i feel like i tell everyone on here everytime something sexual happens in my life..oh well.


anyway, me and my boyfriend were having sex last night and i really wasn't that ready to do it. i was tired and neither of us were really that "randy". i don't know why we did it though, i guess it always sounds good no matter how you're feeling.



we were going, you know, and out of nowhere i just started laughing. like i could not hold it in. i was giggling and he's like "what is funny?" and then i felt bad and just started crying and then i was crying and laughing at the same time while we're laying there having sex. it was probably one of the most confusing feelings i have ever had and i feel really bad about it. i think maybe it was because i wasn't focusing and wasn't really really into it at the time or something. i'm not sure.


has this ever happened to anyone else? laughing or crying, just whichever..

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Sure, it's happened to me. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry.


Sometimes it's cathartic. Just a build up of feelings and it finally comes out during that time.


But if you were feeling bad about it, how come?


It's possible you just honestly didn't want to have sex at that time, but maybe just to be close and talk or something?

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I have had the uncontrolled laughing spells happen many times when I was with my ex. Sometimes something funny happened other times we would just start laughing for no apparent reason. Usually when we were both very tired. People make sex way too serious. Whatever happens happens and if it makes you laugh then that is a good thing.

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