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ex problems help please

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ok here is the story so far... me and this girl have been going out for 3 months it was great we were really happy (i thought) and all of a sudden she just calls me up three days after 3 months together and decides she wants to "just be friends" ya know the usual story. well i was crushed i though she loved me now she likes her ex again which makes i worse because he is a total loser, he is a pothead and justs wants some. this was about 2 weeks ago when we broke up. i really really like her and yesterday she told me she missed talking to me and stuff. i am kinda ignoring her i dont go out of my way to talk to her she comes up to me and talks but i never go to her and i notice her looking at me and stuff. i kinda get the feeling she still likes me or is getting there. i really really like this girl an i dont want to lose her so someone please give me some advice i really really need it.

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Would it be too much to ask if we could just read minds? Honestly, no one can make up your or her mind except for you or her, understand? Believe me I know where you are coming from and one day I will post my personal dilemma, but for now be honest with yourself. They say love will move mountains and if you love her you may need to move them to let her know, but allow yourself some dignity and respect too. Do not get lost in what makes her happy, do not be fickle, do not be immatuer, be honest

with yourself. DO you really want someone who kicks you to the curb for some pothead, nah, I did not think so. She has issues and you care for her, but you are not letting her know, you want her to make the first move, perhaps she is scared too. It will take guts and courage in any decision but use the spine that God bleesed you with, do not be a doormat, from experience I know. Some people use others and for a while it may make you feel cared for, however, oneday that user will toss you and you will really really feel all that pain and rejection that was once hidden. It hurts now but Thank God you have multiple choices and a life to love. Good luck Dannyboy

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