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Do I have an odd sense of humor that is half (female) attractive?


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Ok, basically I am a jokester and teaser. I am not a mean jokester or anything, I just play around and tease people. But only people I really care about and like, I will not just tease anybody at random.


One thing I noticed constantly is, men never seem to like my humor normally, but women for some reason laugh their asses off.


How can clean comedy be somehow only one sided somehow? I mean, it always happens, I try to have fun with some guys, and some act like I'm very boring yet put me near a bunch of girls, normally I get them smiling and laughing, and some even get non-stop giggling, LoL.


Why do I seem to make the girls laugh, but guys sometimes find me odd like a screwball (they just joke not meaning I really am messed up), but the majority of women seem to find me funny? Guys also almost never smile around me, mostly women do. I guess it would be odd for a guy to have guys smiling at him, but guys seem to have deadness around me normally it seems.


I also noticed my energy level is different, when I have tons of energy and start acting dirty, not like taking my clothes off in public, just trying to tell the females in the room, hey I'm available, come take me, throw me against the wall, and rip my shirt off. Actually, they can just take my shirt off, I don't have that many shirts to replace ripped ones, but a really fine girl would make a nice story to my family as to why my shirt is ripped.


I mean what guy doesn't want to say, some gorgeous girl ripped his shirt off and began to make him hers. LoL.


But seriously, men seem to never really like me having much energy but women seem to love it, they always seem to be watching me, and smile and giggle while I am around like I said.


Why do men and women seem to be so different in the humor and energy department.


Just think of Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Art Carney, Jackie Gleason, etc, all rolled up into one big ball, and it's similar to how I am.


Why do women literally seem to get a huge kick out of me but men are like, * * * are you and what do you think you are doing?

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For guys (and this is just my theory) humour is a competitive tool, not only that but if the guys actually see you joking around & getting lots of female attention, they will want to distance themselves from you.


Men like a laugh & a joke, but if you are too "full-on" & dont give them opportunities to "get in" on the joking around they will feel excluded & likely as not regard you as a pompous ass.


Basically, give the other men around you "feeder" lines so they can get in on the joking around, give them room for free expression within your little routines & you will much more likely endear yourself to them & be seen as part of the male collective.

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So that explains it.


No wonder, I can tell a girl and guy the same joke and so many more girls laugh then guys.


It just always happens to me, LoL. Even in my own family the females like to talk with me way more then the males and again the females find me funnier.


But I can't compare family as much, I have many depressed males in my family but not all.


That explains also, why women just seem to smile sometimes out of no where when I am around. I guess I have some funny nature that shows. Guys never do that, but I guess that part is normal.


Girls always seem happy around me and guys tend to act more depressed or something, or just down. But now I somewhat understand it.

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You're the kind of guy who's going to get a lot of girls in your late 20's early 30's is what I'd guess for no real reason other than a hunch I've got.


You know what? I had this same feeling. I think he will find a lot more success as he gets older.


Younger women are less confident and less bold but as we get older we become moreso and I think at that time Redpenguin will be more appreciated and have more luck with the ladies.

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I think I have to agree with the two who said I will be good with the ladies.


I've always said it's so odd, most girls wouldn't even look at me let alone smile at me in HIgh School but now that I'm in college, even girls with bfs, I swear stare at me, which I said in a couple of other posts, some stare at me, day after day. LoL.


They are cute and I like them but I stay away mostly since they have boyfriends.


But I noticed I can just simply look at a girl now of days and she smiles, and I'm like what is she smiling about and many times, it's a girl who doesn't even know me, that does the smiling, it's like, I look and instant smile and I'm like where was that in High School?


Also, I don't know if it's hormones or not, but it's funny. In life so many people say sex is bad and many women say they don't want a man to think only of sex. But when it comes time to it, it's like something seems to click in guys heads, or at least mine, that says "Sex is good" "Me Want Sex" I feel like the Cookie Monster or something, I mean I'm not promiscuous in person, it's more of some weird mind thing I have. What odd is, women seem to love this excited mood, some like throw their body at me. I'm not kidding, some literally will stare at my man part and they will act like they want me to just sweep them up, and throw them against the wall. I mean, they will start to stare at me a lot, giggle, and when they see me look at them in a so called dirty way, they seem to love it, start to smile, and are like "hey big daddy". Believe it or not, I've had women act like, how they do in rap songs, which I always thought was fake paid for stuff, but maybe it's still possible.


What do I probably do right now, because before I never got instant smiles and girls introducing themselves and flirting with me, it's all new, I never really had it before.


I know, this may sound silly, but it seems to make sense. I think pretty girls like to have guys under their fingers even if they don't think so, and when you just ignore them or basically act like, hey girl, there are other fishes in the sea, so if you don't want me, oh well, they seem to go nuts and enjoy you. They may say they want a guy that only likes them, but I don't believe that, I get more attention and luck literally by ignoring women and not treating them like they are the greatest thing I've ever seen. Also, you can tell, I'm a sweet guy who doesn't always think about sex, but I get into a mood when I see a great looking girl acting like she is so shy but really is trying to get me.


It's like girls have a way of not allowing you to stop looking at them sometimes. Something goes off in my head, and it's not always for the hottest women in the room, just as long as she is cute, when she starts to act so shy and nervous around you then throw her self at you, then shy away again, it's just like something drives me to want her more. Also, if I'm with a girl in bed, I think it probably shows on the outside in my life, I will make sure that she doesn't want to be with anyone else again and doesn't want to leave in the morning LoL.


I know that may sound like I'm arrogant, I just like to please the woman I'm with, and if we are going to have sex, I want to almost treat her like a piece of art work, and just not having, bam, bam, thank you mam, kinda stuff. I want her to literally be like "holy f***" when it's over. LoL. Sorry to talk in this way, but I figure, it's better so people can get a better picture of me.



I think sex is made hidden when in our minds it really isn't. Dave Chapelle said it right, if you tell some guys, to not go in to a place because women are exposing themselves, many men would be like, "I Need to investigate" and go get these flashlights. I feel though if women heard there were a bunch of hot guys exposing themselves, many women would feel they need to "investigate" as well. LoL


Does anyone else agree on this theory? I feel that, if we never ever thought of sex one bit, we would not be here. Why do women say, we don't want playas and guys who always think of sex, when some guys, literally seem to have women of all ages just throwing themselves at them, even WHILE they are currently with their boyfriends, and oddly enough the boyfriends never seem to notice or even care. They must be blind or lazy not to see their girl staring at a guy constantly while they are sitting somewhere, LoL. Maybe they are too arrogant and feel they will not lose their girl or something, maybe.

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You know what? I had this same feeling. I think he will find a lot more success as he gets older.


Younger women are less confident and less bold but as we get older we become moreso and I think at that time Redpenguin will be more appreciated and have more luck with the ladies.


What do you guys think I'm doing so well anyway, because I never ever had luck in High School except some smiling at me in 12th grade. Now girls smile at me all the time, sometimes, even older women are watching me, like I'm going to disappear, LoL. Do I have what rapper Nelly calls Pimp Juice or something? HeHe.


He claims, some people have something that affects women from 50 all the way down to 9, in his song Pimp Juice. I don't want 9 year olds though, but not 50 either. I want only 16 lowest and 30 at the most, LoL. I hate to go to 16 because you can get in trouble with parents and stuff, but it's like I still seem to go for 16-17 no matter if I try to ignore them.


Do I just finally have all the right mixes?


Also, how do so many guys just ignore women when they are single? I know a bunch of single guys that I swear when girls walk in, they just sit there and like ignore them. My mind just seems to shout W-O-M-A-N, spells WOMAN, GO GET HER!. It's like I act like I can get her but don't want her, and for whatever reason they seem to like this. Like if I compliment them, then act like they aren't there, they often will watch me all the time and smile and get to like me. I don't know how to ignore women like many men can, it drives me nuts, it's like nature says go go go, not stop stop stop. They seem to like my look, where I'm like, hey I want you to look at me, but why are you looking at me? It's odd but it's like so much goes on without even saying a word at the time. It's like I somehow get some girls, before I can even open my mouth to say a word.


I think that's one of the reasons, I never knew what to say for a while, they didn't even give me a chance to speak, LoL. Many act nervous and shy away, and no they don't run away from me, so anyone here who thinks they run away, don't be silly. No one can escape me. HeHe. Just Playin but it's funny, it's like weird.

How can a kid go from 0 girls in High School to somehow becoming a ladies man and he hardly even changed? I talk about this a lot because it's just so shocking. It's like I went through night and day.

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You call that a odd sense of humor!?!?!?!?!? Anyway, my advise is to tone it down a bit. Too much of anything is not good, with the possible exception of tabasco sauce.


How can a kid go from 0 girls in High School to somehow becoming a ladies man and he hardly even changed? I talk about this a lot because it's just so shocking. It's like I went through night and day.


First of all, you have probably changed in ways you cannot see. Second of all, the women have also changed, and are looking for different things.

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I guess I just have something I must be doing right.


Maybe it's because I smile and laugh all the time, and don't sit and mob like I'm dead like many of the other guys look around me. Many of the guys around me always seem to have a dead-like personality, like they can't have any excitement because it will kill them, LoL. It's like some weird college look. I don't have that, I think I probably look like tons of energy and smile and laugh a lot which almost all guys my age I see, never do.


But can smiling and energy be a huge factor in attraction? I noticed, generally when I walk into a room, usually women will look at me, as if they are like, "who's he, something is different about him" while guys seem to either ignore me, or just look for a second and act like, who the hell cares about him, but women I swear always seem to look way longer, like they know me or something.


I'm just curious what I do, because lately, things have been changing. I never had girls introduce themselves to me out of the blue, and one really cute girl just came up to me out of the blue and started to talk and tell me her name and stuff, and I've lately had a couple girls, I swear stare at me like I'm going to disappear. I thought like always, I gotta be seeing things, but no, some of the same girls, I will catch constantly looking at me, like the one, I had look at me every day. I don't know what it is, but with me, I just seem to get women with blank stares. Like they don't smile when I look at them, their like zoned out at me.


Why would women zone out at a guy and not ever smile? It's like every time a girl stares at me, and I look, she will not smile, so I'm like am I doing something weird. But lately, if I'm with someone, they will tell me, the girl smiled after I looked away. So do I possibly intimidate them? LOL. I ask all these questions because when I ask my guy friends they never have this kinda stuff happen to them LoL. They never seem to be the focus of everyone (well in my cause, I guess focus of most of the girls).


Someone please give me a hint, as to what the heck I'm doing, because I guess whatever I'm doing is working. LoL.

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Same here, same as above. I like a woman to be sarcastic with me, it's just for some reason, many of the guys I'm around don't seem to like sarcasm. I think sometimes they act like I'm serious even though they know I'm just kidding. But then again, I hang out with a fair amount of people who were not the greatest liked in High School, and I feel they still carry much of it around with them today, while I haven't forgotten it, I just try not to have it on mind most of the time.


Do women just love guys that smile and have lots of energy? Because it seems like most guys, I seen in and out of college, in my age group of 18-25, all act somewhat dead, and I see hardly any smile even my closest friends don't smile at a lot of things. I smile and laugh all the time, does this make a guy really attractive to most women or something? Once I started laughing and giggling all the time, I feel that I started getting more attention. I think also, when I just looked at them, then looked away, like, who do you think you are, just because you are a cute girl doesn't mean I have to slobber because of you, and oddly enough, they seem to really enjoy it.


I swear, it always happens. If I pay attention to all girls in a room, they never seem to really care that I'm there, but when I basically ignore every girl in the room, it's like then they start to see me, and wonder, I guess why is he ignoring me, with all I got? LoL.

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Well there is where it gets weird. I actually have more guy friends but more women seem to like me then men though. Most of the guy friends I'm with though are from High School, and I'm not 100% great at making new ones. But in general when I meet new guys and new girls, generally the girls will like me more, and they guys always act, like, who the f*** are you? LoL.


It always seems to happen. There are times I mean cheerful guys but it's not often, it almost comes as a shock since I rarely see it. Maybe since in my area most men are dead, when they see a live one, they want it, LoL.


I have ADHD so I have a hard time controlling myself with attention, but also OCD with joking almost all the time, but the women seem to love it, I always am getting smiles from women and they normally don't seem to smile at other guys, I just look at many of them, and boom, smile, and I'm like what the heck, I never had this in High School. I know it's stupid to go back to High School but it's like having little money and always having to save, then receiving an unlimited supply, you would probably be shocked for a little while.

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well I think what you have is great, alot of guys out there envy you with this special quality... don't change who you are! just be thankful that you're not a self conscious, nervous loner! lol... wow i'd be soo happy if i can meet a guy with all the qualities that you said you have.. I haven't met many guys who can actually make me laugh that much, it'd be nice to have one more often...

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Yeah, like today, in class I seen a girl, who she does like so many of the other girls that I am around do.


It's always, the situation starts out normal, then whatever I do, the girls, always seem to get a good nervous around me, so at first I thought maybe they are all just nervous being in class.


But this is literally how like every young girl that I've been around seems to do.


It's like I just look at many of them, and even though I didn't see the smiling before, they just randomly start smiling at me, and I notice they don't smile at usually anyone else. Then normally they will not stop playing with their hair, and some seem to stare I swear at my man part, I'm not joking, I swear, I musta caught many girls in the room before, I swear, are starring at my man part, especially if I put my thumbs in my belt, they just seem to get more nervous then, then they for whatever reason always put their hands in their lap, with their hands close to their, well you know. But, once I leave the room, these girls seem to act normal not nervous anymore. Lately, I've just been looking at women, and they've been giving me smiles, something that is somewhat new to me, especially after hardly getting any in High School.


Can a guy really be a player without trying? I mean, in college, it's like I get the weirdest stuff, like staring at me, smiles all the time. I don't mean this in any bragging way, it's just actually what is going on. I even had one girl, I looked at her outside, as to say, boy you are cute, then she came in and introduced herself to me all out of the blue, I was like * * *, that never happens to me. And like I said, girls I've never even seen before, smile at me, and I don't see them smiling anything else in the room, even some older women seem to be smiling at me now, like 30s, and I'm only 19.


How can a guy go from like no looks to some how making all the girls nervous apparently? And I know the stares and smiles can't be in my head, because when I walk with someone, they are always like, "why are those girls staring", and "That girl just smiled at you" but what's weird is, something when I look at them, they don't smile, but someone walking with me, seems to catch them after, so maybe they are too nervous.


See I always though, how women acted in rap videos was fake, but how some of the women in the rap videos act, I swear, is how some of the girls act when I'm around, they are always a bundle of nerves, and I don't have the image of a crazy killer or anything, LoL.


Just look at my pics, that's how I generally act.

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