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[Opinion] What's this song about?

Shin kensen

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Okay, long shot since no one ever replies to the poetry forum ...




Sage Francis - Bridle


Maze broken

She’s runnin’

Feet swollen

He’s comin’

She’s stolen

And before he even knows it she’s gone.

Tea cups sittin’ on the hollow tree stumps

He’s dumped, and can’t seem to swallow these lumps

The beat goes on…


Same fire

New passion

Old flame

Trade it in for a summer fling

There’s nothing like that sweet old song…


Tip over

Root the trees

Bend the leaves

Blend in with the open wound

The freeze frames keep him warm…


The day’s frost is scraped off the weight loss

The new sign that says keep off

As he speeds off into the storm…


Out of spite the lighting strikes him twice

He’s peaking out on the pike and cheatin life

Peeling out on the lawn


Now he’s idling

And time is dwindling

In his mind he’s figuring out life’s about the little things

And his labyrinth

And all his magnificent can only keep the mice trapped

The princess is innocent

She doesn’t belong…


(I never thought I’d miss you)

They had a ceremony where he put her in a bridle, the headstall…

She stopped to think for a minute, and in a split second went AWOL.

(I never thought I’d miss you)

He draws in the chin as in a expression of resentment or scorn


He’s pullin’ on the reigns, the bridle, the shower the storm

The maze, the high tower, clouds are at war…

The reigns, the bridle, the shower, the storm…

The maze, high tower, clouds are at war

The reigns, the bridle, the shower, the storm…

The maze, the high tower, clouds are at war, clouds are at war, clouds are at war




Now I love the song, epic and very powerful, but I have no idea, exactly what it's about. It's obviously about a break up. But was it an abusive relationship? Or did she run away from marriage? Or am I completely missing the point?



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To me it seems like its about a forced relationship, a possessive one. "They had a ceremony where he put her in a bridle.." He thought he could possess her, control her... and she ran free.


And instead of being just angry, he's actually sad. He misses her.


Just off the top of my head, I'd have to do more pondering to pick it apart further but I love songs for this reason.

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I interpret it as two people who had their own little world (the maze), but she saw it as a trap rather than their little world (most mazes are basically traps), and when she had the chance to escape, she did. The talk of an old flame... that could mean that she left the maze for an old flame, or the singer referring for back into the past to his old flame ('I never thought I'd miss you). He talks about the white mice being able to stay but that she was innocent, a Princess, and didn't belong. Suggesting that he is far from a prince, and is some kind of ogre or maybe a magician or something - but the magic must have come to an end, hence the maze broke. So, I'd say it was a relationship which started off well, had magic, but then it became a trap, and when the magic wore off, the girl left the relationship just as the commitment was becoming more serious. Her eyes were opened, as it were. His eyes were opened as well, because he took her for granted and when she was gone, he felt her absense, hence the numbness.

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