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Back to School!

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Hah! I knew I could get you all to look with a title like that!


I am still sick and somewhat "bedridden" (which is awful) and I have time to surf and post.


First, you are all doing better than you think. Seriously! I read your posts and I can see real progress from when I started posting here a few months ago. It may be hard for you to see, but you have made some real progress!


And now, the back to school thing. It is that time of year where the kiddies are filing their way back to school. Remember that time? When it was innocence and new trapper keepers? So, here is your challenege for the week. Go out and get yourself something nice that is only for you. Seriously, it is imprinted in our brains to go get new stuff this time of year! Remember getting new clothes and school supplies or new "sneakers" (do thhey even call them that anymore?) So GO GET SOMETHING and satisfy that urge to splurge. Treat yourselves right for a day!


Go out and have fun!



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