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my gf likes to play "tricks" on me

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alright my gf has been known to play sum pretty cruel tricks on me by making up stuff but its cool cuz its fun, heres the problem shes had chlymidia for almost a year, she didnt no she had it till a week ago she didnt have symptoms but i got it so she new she got it from her ex of a year ago, for about the past 2 weeks shes been teling me shes been having really really bad abdominal pains and stuff so the went to the doctors today, ive been trying to get a hold of her all day and then her mom signs on her sn to check her email for her and tells me shes in the hospital and has to get her ovaries removed cause the infection spread, does anyone no if thats what happens if u have chylmidia for a long time and would any decent gf play a trick this bad on anyone i dunno if its true or not

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yeah, thats possible to have to get your ovaries taken out. i would just wait to see if its true. if its not, thats a cruel joke. a very cruel joke. if it is a joke, then you need to explain to her how its not funny & she needs to stop. did i read it wrong, or did you say the jokes she plays are fun? if this is anything like her past jokes, then thats not the least bit fun. why would she want you to get all worried & later tell you it was a joke. honestly, that just wrong.

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Like the last poster said, if its a joke, its a very bad one, but then again, I hope it was.


You need to handle this as if it was real, dont worry about being the brunt of a "possible" joke, there is nothing wrong with being a decent concerned BF, there is something wrong with a person that takes something serious as a joke, even if it is from a jokester like your GF.


So if you have to Err in one direction, Err on the side of being a normal human being. give her your love and support.


And if it does turn out to be a joke (hopefully) then sit her down, and explain to her calmly that these things are not something to joke about, and tell her, how you suffered through this, and that if she cares for you, she wont do something like this again, and make her promise, so she gets the point of how serious this is.

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