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Potty Training


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Okay so for all of you that have potty trained a child.


My son is 2.5 he will be 3 in January. He keeps taking his diaper off and handing it to me. He is smart and I think he is ready to potty train, however every time that I take him to the potty he refuses.


Someone told me that the old-fashioned way to do it is to just let the child run around with NO DIAPER at all just clothes or even naked.


Well, if he would only use the potty I could encourage him to do it again with treats and prizes and my excitement.


How did you potty train your child, or how do you plan to do it?


My nine year old is obviously potty trained but I don't remember having this much trouble.


As of right now my 2 year old handed me his diaper for the 2nd time today so he is running around wearing pajama pants and NO diaper... expect him to wet himself anytime but we keep going back to the potty and I have told him if he peepee's in the potty he will get a treat!

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Pull-up diapers are a good inbetween. If your child is taking off his diaper, I might give him some underwear. You could even tell him "just like Daddy wears" or "just like (insert someone he is fond of)"


Also, it helps to take him to the bathroom and tell him "just try to go. Even if you don't feel like it, give it a try." One of these times, he will really go and then you reward him. Tell him that you're proud of him and make a big deal out of it. You can dance around with the family and make a really big deal. This way, he is encouraged to repeat this behavior.


Good luck.

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My two daughters both just decided one day that they'd had enough of diapers and started using the toilet (with a potty seat on). Dead easy.


My first son was a challenge. He just wasn't interested and it was a real struggle. He on the other hand just refuse NOT to wear a diaper and if we tried not putting one on he'd grab one and put it on himself (generally quite crookedly).


Our toddler right now is just starting to train. He'll sit on the potty but needs to have something else to do, so we'll give him a book (sigh ... starts early, doesn't it!!!) He doesn't tend to take off his diaper, and he pees in the potty about one out or three times.


I'd think based on what I can remember if your son runs around without a diaper and does NOT pee then that's a good sign. He's getting tired of the diaper and has reasonable control at least. That's a good starting point. Is he dry in the mornings? Does he remove his diaper before it gets wet?


He make a fuss when our toddler uses the potty. There's no 'bad' vibes given for not though, just good when he does.


If you leave your son with no diaper, what does he do eventually? Does he have a role model to watch? It can be important for kids to see somebody else going to the bathroom so they realize that is the way it's done. Although you'd think they'd realize what a potty was for by telling them, sometimes it's mimicing that helps more.

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I did it the old fashion way.

run around naked.

It takes a lot of clean up when he messes up...but if he craps on the floor, move the crap to the toliet, show him that is where it goes.

if he pees it will be uncomfortable for him, move him on to the toliet show him that's where pee goes.

this may sound disturbing...lol...but it made sense to my son. When I went pee I would show him, this is where mommy pees.

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3 hours now and no pee. We have visited the potty about every 40 minutes and he has sat there and Ive told him go pee pee in the potty. After a minute he will say he is all done and get up and flush LOL


But no pee yet. He hasnt wet his pants yet and he still isnt wearing a diaper ....

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