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Arts and Self-injury


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Many people are having piercing or tattoos when feeling bad, and they say it helps to deal with pain.


I've had my scarification a week ago, and I turned my pain into arts

There's a more extreme kind of people who have artistic scarifications, or unusual implants under ther skin.. And i suppose this also a sos signal

Look at this people

link removed

(hope I dont break the rules posting this)

they r not mad, they r not freaks... they only dealing with pain


Your opinion?

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I think alot of that is gross, and a poor choice in the long run.


I also think I am very open minded. I'm saying it's not the choice I would make, not that it's necessarily wrong.


I enjoy tattooing, and I've been thinking of getting a full sleeve done to illustrate my frustration and 'change my self image'.

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Of course all the problems are not solved only by having some physical pain to forget about your soul problems!

But instead of cutting yourself with a dirty kitchen knife, I suppose it's much better to go to a salon and have something painful, but ARTISTIC instead of infections and disgusting knifescars

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My tattoos are not reminders of pain, they are celebrations of life. People are free to do as they like, but I think the best way to deal with pain is to work on the problem that's causing it. Self-injury doesn't do this.


Yeah I agree. Because BMs will just be reminders of when you were hurt and they will be with you for the rest of your life. Instead eventually it will become a past memory.


That said, this : link removed

is soooo cool!

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