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Need Advice! Think we'll get back together?


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Ok first let me point out that this thread may not necessarily belong in this forum topic. But let me explain myself. My ex and I started talking about 2 years ago. At this time I had never been in a serious relationship and I was talking to another girl. I didn't know either of them at the time so I stood on a level ground with both of them and stayed honest to myself and to them. Events unfolded and for one reason or another I fell for the other girl I was talking to. My now-ex at the time was hurt and I felt very bad, but I continued what I had commited and stuck with the first girl. After a year of that relationship (of mental and physical abuse) I told that girl that I had enough of her crap and pulled out of the relationship. She had alot of personal problems she needs to deal with and I never want to be with her ever again.


Thats all there is to THAT subject. But after I ended it with her I contacted the other girl I was talking to before any of this and apologized for action the first girl I dated took towards her because they both knew about each other and least to say, didn't like each other. We talked alot about what happened and she seemed happy I was showing her the attention she always wanted. I immediately felt horrible about the year I put her through. She didn't deserve any of it and it took me all of the event up until this point to realize it. So we keep talking and one day she invites me over. But as long as I bring a friend. I agreed without hesitation because I would have giving anything to see her again. I get to her house with my friend and we all watch a movie. The whole time her and I are tossing her cell phone back and fourth with cute new text messages each time for the other to read. I can tell she never stopped caring for me and it hurt me kind of because I realized I hurt her in a way I didn't realize.


Had I known that in the past I would have fallen for her in a heart beat and odds are we'd still be together today. But back to the story. We leave that day and everything inside of me wanted to just embrace her and kiss her before I left but I didn't. We parted that day and my friend and I went back home. The next day we're talking late late at night, around 2 in the morning. I told her I wanted to see her alot and I missed her so much. And one thing lead to another and I'm driving in pitch black trying to remember how to get to this house 40 minutes away that I had only been to once and that was in daylight! The whole ride I kept calling her and telling her I miss her and I'm sorry I was taking so long but I kept getting lost. I eventually found her house though around 3:30 in the morning and she came out and we just held each other outside my car and talked.


She had a boyfriend at the time and she said she felt horrible for doing this and i re-assured her she didn't have to do anything she didn't want to. I could tell she was completely in to me as much as I was to her. We kissed that night for the first time in over a year and I fell in love with her. That same day later on she broke up with her boyfriend. (I know some of you may be thinking "She did it once she'd do it again" but thats not the case. He treated her bad and her and I had history and felt completely the same way about each other. It was only natural) So we start a relationship and it goes great. We're together all the time and doing our thing. We're both completely en-wrapped with each other and nothing can bring us down. Well this girl from school talks to me online and it makes my girlfriend flip around. Granted this girl was very pretty but no one holds a candle to my girlfriend.


I never wanted anything to do with another girl. My girlfriend never has or had anything to worry about with me. She is the one girl I always want and always want to see happy. I'd do anything for her. And I would never cheat on her. She tells me she feels hurt and what-not and ends it with me out of the blue. I felt extremely lost and didn't know what to do. But a couple days later I hear she feels she made a big mistake and we talk about it and get back together. It continues right where it left off and she seems right back into me. But after a couple months she tells me she feels differently and ends it out of the blue. I kind of felt it coming but I thought we'd work it out. I felt like we HAD to because we were THAT meant to be in my mind. I love her with all my heart.


Now it's been a couple months and we've talked a handful of times and each time it always leads to us ending it on me telling her exactly how I feel and her getting upset and we stop talking. She doesn't contact me and I try to give her as much space as I can. I just miss her so much and don't know what to make of any of this. I want her to just come back but I don't want it to be bad. I don't want her to have any doubts and I want to show her she can be completely vulnerable to me because I'm completely vulnerable to her and its ok because I'm in love with her.


She feels a type of way and I can tell. When we talk I get the vibe she's venting and I want her to because I think it can help us in the long run. I just want her to be back with me because I know I can show her that she can trust me and love me the way I feel she WANTS to. But I'm lost in translation so to speak...... Please someone give me their advice on this topic. I'd appreciate any input.

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dude,she already knows how you feel,there is no need to repete it over and over,one thing that is constant on here,is that none of us wants to be the one dumped,it hurts now she is haveing as much a problem letting go as you,the best thing to do is just ask how she is,be there for her DON'T always answer her calls go a few days ( make her think and miss you )and DON'T talk about getting back together,you can't manipulate love,you can't forse it,and you can't push it.if its ment to be it will be.

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Hmm... ur story kind of sounds similar to how i met my bf. Me and my so called "friend" both knew him.. and then he ended up going out with her and of course i was a bit salty but i let it go. They ended up breaking up and a couple years later i run into him again and we instantly clicked. It was like love at first sight.. or shall i say second lol. But i still was a little bitter deep down inside that he still went out with my friend before me. Anyways, she just has some trust issues right now so you have to prove to her that she is really the one you want to be with. Girls are easily jealous, so even talking to another girl can get a girl all riled up. I would get extremely irritated when my bf was talking to his ex in the beginning of our relationship.. they only went out for a couple of months and i knew they were just friends but i would get jealous. Anyways, just give it some time.. prove to her that u love her but dont come on too strongly. Im sure she'll come around.. good luck!

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thanks. that sounds about right. she did seem to get easily jealous around girls so i think your right when you say i have to prove myself to her. ill TRY my hardest to talk to her on a friendly level but its hard because of our history. i miss her alot is all. but thanks for the comments.

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