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when is the right time to bring up important issues


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thanks for everyone's advice on my previous posts. i'm doing better. i'm keeping myself busy, putting my energy into myself, my career and my family. it feels nice, but i always feel like something's missing. i know it's not being with "him".

we are living in different states, but we are keeping in touch by phone. i can't seem to have the patience of email. i need to hear his voice and have his response/ vice versa.

he has left for phili due to two deaths in the family. i am there for him and i will send a card out.

i just feel like comforting him. i miss him so much. i've really been able to accept my life for what it has become and less focused on my overachieving life.

if we got closer and more willing- i would quit my job and move to california. i really want to be with him. i know i have to discuss all these issues with him, but when is the right time?

please give me your input.

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depends on the 2 deaths in the family. if they are people whom he loved a lot, then you should be with him right now but not to talk about long term plans, just short term hugs and kisses and a listening ear


if it's just a duty to appear at the funeral, then you don't have to go


when's the right time? there's never a right time, with a man like that. so just go on instinct. if you got it wrong, then maybe you don't know him as well as you think you did

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