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a good workout routine


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OK! Well, for the past 2 years ive relied ons strenuous rowing to keep me in good shape and well built! However, next year it gets ridiculous, the training schedule elaves me with no free time, and I WANT TO PARTYY!!! So i'll 99% probably quit rowing!!!


SO i need something to keep me fit, as i REALLY want to be in very good shape over the next few years!


I might get a weight bench and some 50KG weights etc. off ebay, but my room wont be big enough to house that kind of set up till after christmas!


SO Until then, what kind of exercise routine (because of A-levels and stuff i can only really devote about 30 minutes a day on weekdays and 1 hour on saturday and sunday and of course ill walk lots and play tennis etc occasionally also!) Just using like pressups, sit ups, running, etc. to keep me building muscle until i get that weights set up!!!/???/



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abs and calve muscles can be worked everyday, so run as much as u can and do situps as much as u possibly can. i usually do upper body workouts and lower body workouts on alternating days. it seems like u know the exercises, just find a way to motivate yourself to do them.

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If you cant fit in wake up in the small hours. Here is what I do, I get up at six am, leave the house at 7am and run for an hour and then take the tube to school. Also howcome your doing A Levels at 15?! Are you just one of those uber smart people who skip a year? Or you could leave it till late evening after doing your work but usually that doesn't work in the autumn, only in the summer.

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