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Want To Make Her Feel Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!


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Hey my girlfriend is starting to look down on herself more and more and is very insecure about the way she looks.



This problem really blew up the other day

guess it was kinda my fault stupid me ](*,)]

When she caught me looking at her friend's boobs when i was takling to her

(i didnt really realize i was doing it) stupid me ](*,)



I need to do something romantic, something that will make her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world

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Oooh....not good


I bet she feels really insecure right now, like you fancy her friend or something, trust me you'd be surprised.


Maybe you two could have a whole day together, where u pamper her, take her shopping, go for something to eat, and then gradually tell her all the things that both u and her know i.e how beautiful she is and how you don't want anyone else.


It's them little comments that make a big difference

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Tell her she's beautiful, but when she's not expecting it. Like when you wake up in the morning. Or when she's cooking dinner or doing some other daily activity. Kiss her like you really mean it. Text her during the day and say that you're thinking about her. You don't have to go all out to make a girl feel special.

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Lavish her boobs!! Say how much you love them while caressing them and kissing them all over like you just can't get enough, making the kinds of sounds you make when eating something sooooo delicious.


I used to come over to my bf during the most mundane moments and SPRING on him machine-gun kisses all over his head and face..."I" (kiss) "love" (kiss kiss) "YOU!!" (kiss kiss kisssss)....and then move on to more adoring descriptive dialogue, punctuated with loud, firecraker kisses (add a little nibble or lick to mix it up), continuing to checkerboard as far on the body as you can get, with kisses. It's so good when they are clothed, just over the clothes or lifting a corner here or there to be sly, talking your way through the "journey", and then ending up on their feet, kissing and grovelling at their toes, literally, ha ha!! Just around the house when they least expect it is the BEST. Just go nuts with it!

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I would suggest doing something really special to make up for that little mistake. Perhaps you can do something that she really enjoys doing but you really do not like doing. And make sure you throw in a little twist when doing this something special. For example, I really hate going to the movie theators (I like to stretch when watching TV), but my GF loves the theators, I would bring her to a foreign theator and watch some weird film.

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