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fell for someone online...feel stupid... =/


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Hello Lost -


I've been where you are: connect with an on line personality, feeling attracted to them after pictures, emails, IMs and phone calls are exchanged. It's easy to fall for someone on line. Each of you can be your "real" self or a fantasy personality.


The time has come to get out of cyberworld and start dating in your real world. So, this girl is sending some mixed signals...but you haven't met her, talked with her on the phone or she hasn't seen pics of you. You two HAVE TO MEET if she's interested or just move on!


Why don't you pursue someone that is more geographically desirable? This girl lives far away and you're both in school. The distance between you two will never change....Why not meet people who live in your community? You can easily do that on line as well.


You have to ask yourself why you are so stuck on someone you have never met. You have to ask yourself why you don't pursue someone you have more of a chance with: goes to your school, lives near you, etc...etc...? Are you hiding behind this on line relp because you're afraid of putting yourself out there?


Ask yourself these hard questions. Ultimately, everyone has a type and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Build your confidence and self-esteem by doing things that make you feel good. I know you can do it. You will meet someone who is in to you and vice versa. Just take some risks....

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shes just got the most beautiful smile ever. her skin is perfect, her eyes, her nose...everything! when i told with her, she sounds so genuine and fun. All this time that I've talked with her, shes never asked how I looked like. but I think looks do matter to her, it matters to everybody to come extent. I don't think she will like me after she sees how I look like...20 and still dealing with acne...


man...who the hell am i kidding...I have no chance with her...we have fun talking to each other online, but thats it...shes given her number to other people who were probably more open to her than me and actually showed her how they look like. I've been coming off to her as a desperate loser lately also...I don't think I'm any fun for her to talk to any longer...Who ever the guy is thats going to get her is going to be so lucky tho...I can't stop thinking about her...

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I don't know how much help I can be but....you seem to be making the same mistakes I have done in the past. You are getting way to attached way to soon. Like Annie once told me. You should only start getting attached to that person after you have been out with them for awhile. because come on, how do you know things could work out if you haven't even gone on a few dates with her yet? How about asking for her number and calling her up and suggest you two meet and go out. if she gives excuses not to go out than theres your answers.

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Sounds to me you have self-esteem problem here. From my experience, its not all about your looks. Its about your personality. I kinda have that problem too with my self-esteem. I always think to myself "she'd never go out with me because I don't think I have a good personality" but. my suggestion is that you try anyway because you don't want to think back and think what could of been.


Oh, if its to hard to set up a date than I'd just forget about it, whats the point if she ain't putting in any effort and flaking?


Anyway, best of luck to you

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