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Secret Admirer


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I wanted to do something sweet for my fiance and I was thinking of dropping by where she works with a rose with a letter from a "secret admirer" and having the receptionist bring it to her. making it somewhat obvious that it's me but playing into the idea that I'm a real secret admirer. I'm looking for the right way to word this letter and could use some advice. What better place than ENA to go to for advice? Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

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I would just go for something short and sweet. A simple "someone is thinking of your beautiful smile!" type thing.


Or you could maybe write a love letter. Include some personal details, but obviously ones that only you would know so she doesn't think that some creepy guy is stalking her.


I think the whole idea is very sweet. Don't worry so much about what you say, she'll appreciate the way you make her feel!

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