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One great night....*sigh*


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Well I'm not sure if this goes here, I mean we don't have a relationship and never really will but I guess I will post this just to see if anyone can relate to me.


5 years ago I started working with this boy. He was super cute, charming, the whole nine yards. Blonde hair, blue eyes. We worked together for 2 years. I knew I had a crush on him then, heck I even fell in love with him but we come from two different worlds. I used to to tell him I had feeling for him but he just acknowldged them and went about his way. He was always a sweetheart to me. He quit the job we both worked at and I lost touch with him for the next 3 years. Hear about him time to time but that is it.


I saw him last night and there was this expolsion of lust filled energy. My friends and his sat around had a few drinks. He was flirthing with me and looked at me. I played it cool with ofcourse flirting. He got my number and the number of all my friends. The first thing my friend said when we were leaving was "Wow you could feel something between you two"


Has anyone met someone after so long and that energy is still there?


We will never be in the sense of a relationship or a one night stand but damn, that feeling shakes your knees.

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I've had people get mad at a guy they knew who was not my boyfriend when I was talking with him at a public expo.... apparently the electricity just ran between us.


I had a crush on him, so I'm sure that didn't help the matter!


Good luck with him..... not sure why you can't be with him though.....

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He is very much from a different world then I am. He flies by the seat of his pants. At the moment lives in a tent trailer, usually meets his future gf's at bars and goes for a certain type. He's always been poor, gotten the rotten end of the stick. I am responsible, think things through before acting, do not party as hard or near as hard as him, never had a hard life.



The energy crackles between us and it's intense but at the same time we never really are able to develop it and the only way now is if I see him pass by in the bar he occasionally hangs out at or he calls me.

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I think and this is just my opinion because I don't know what he thinks that when he looks at getting with me its a very scary type of settling down to him. It's always been the case with him. He lives in the fast lane, hard and strong and wants a girl who can do the same. I am not her. Does that make sense?

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