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Something embarassing happened when giving BF a BJ


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Sorry, this is kinda gross:


Ok, so last night I was giving my BF head, I was loving doing it and really getting into it, he was loving it, he started to very gently hold onto my head so that I was moving in a rhythm he enjoyed, I didn't mind this at all, until he got a bit carried away and thrust into my throat a bit too deep.


This created a big gag reflex and I threw up in my mouth I managed to swallow it down, gross I know! But then I didn't know what to do. I sucked him for a few more seconds but then he was trying to pull me up to him for a kiss. I had to excuse myself to go and brush my teeth cos I could taste vomit in my mouth. He then knew that something was wrong.


When I came back to the bedroom I told him what had happened, but I was mortified at first that it had happened. He didn't care though and reassured me, we continued and had great sex.


Has this happened to anyone else? I don't want it to happen again but I guess it was unavoidable....

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It's the gag reflex -- it happens. This is why I tell my partners to be careful when touching my head when I'm giving oral sex. It's fine to lightly touch me, guide a little, but NO pushing down or thrusting too hard. If it goes too deep, it will activate the gag reflex.


Don't be mortified! Just next time be aware of what your limits are so that neither of you activate that reflex.

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It happens Free...the gag reflex is there to keep you safe. As long as he doesn't care you threw up on him, thats ok. But if he doesn't care that he choked you...thats something else and you need to have a talk with him.


In the future, keep a firm grip on the base of his penis so you can control the amount that can go in...that should help if he gets excited again.

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