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ONLINE DATING GUIDE: how to get her number and meet her ASAP!


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How do you figure that? Then why are their profiles up?


10% are in a relationship and looking to cheat or find an upgrade, you don't want these, and unless you are loaded and look like a model, they aren't gonna respond to you anyway.


10% just broke up or got divorced and though they aren't actually going to date, or respond to emails, they will use the site to get affirmation as they are feeling needy.


20% have an expired subscription, but still have a free profile up, and can't even read or reply to your email; mailing to women that haven't been on in a week or more is a bad idea for this reason. They will log onto the free account to see how many views they are getting, but since they can't see or respond to the emails, they aren't available. Try to mail to women active within 24-48 hours to weed these out.


20% are in a relationship and on the site for a lark because their GFs at work are doing it. They aren't cheaters or upgraders, nor are they really interested in responding or doing anything other than comparing notes on guys on the site and making fun of the emails they get.


15% are dating someone they met on the site, but aren't taking their profile down because they don't want to pressure the guy or aren't to an exclusive stage yet. They won't respond to emails unless the main guy they are after starts treating them badly or flakes.


Of course these aren't exact numbers, but you get the idea. Don't let the low response rate get you down. I started with a 10-15% response rate and last goround was above 50%, so it takes practice and experience like every other kind of social skill. Best wishes.

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