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should I move on or should or follow my heart?

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I have a problem and I'm not sure what to do.....


Me and my wife are separated, she has told me that she dosen't love me the same any more, but also says that we might be able to work things out. Well recently a mutual friend has told me that although they like my wife they like me more and that they think I should get with a good looking woman and enjoy life. That has me perplexed... because although my wife has said she wouldn't hold anything against me that might happen during our seperation, I don't really know what to do. I really love my wife, and she is the only woman that I really want, but I don't think the reverse is true any more. I go out often with friends and I've met alot of women, but none that really intrigue me. I mean it would be easy to just go out and pick up a woman for a night or two, but I really don't want that. Also I don't want another relationship. I feel guilty even thinking about other women, and I know its not what I want. But I don't know what the future holds. I feel although my wife says that she wouldn't hold it against me, if I were to do somthing it would destroy any chance I have of reconciling things with her. Its hard to decide what to do, should I move on as all my friends are telling me or should I follow my heart and hope that things might work out? Although I feel that either way I go I'm looking at disaster. Please help

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follow your heart! It's the thing that tells you what to do. Friends, well, friends can be wrong. Is it your friend who decides what you do with your life? definitely NOT! Is it your friend who decides if youre going to go out tonight? NO! So, my advice would be to follow your heart. If you think you should let her go, then do that. if not, then my advice would be to surprise her once in a while with a present or a breakfast in bed. Women definitely love that! I hope my advice will help you in the long run.

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The truth is, what you do is a very personal decision. Looking from the outside, I can say that I feel the love that you have for your wife. It takes a lot of guts to stare down the barrel and know that things might get worse before they get better. It may seem easier to just let go and deny the feelings that you have for your wife for awhile.


Recently, I was hurt by my now ex girlfriend. It has been a very trying 2 months. There were times when I thought to myself that love just isn't worth the heartache that it can cause. But when I think back to how much more full I felt when we were together, I realize that love IS worth the pain. It took me a very painful breakup to realize that I believe we are on earth to love and be loved, in all the different ways love happens. Sometimes love is the most difficult of emotions because it conflicts most directly and violently with our thought processes. And it may get worse before it gets better. But for all the pain it is worth it. Follow your heart.


Best Wishes,


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Definitely follow your heart! If you don't, you will always wonder how things might have been if you had. I am going through a heartbreak/heartache with my long time lover, and following the heart is the only way to go for me. Friends, family, etc. all mean well, but have their own reasons for advice and cannot answer your concerns. Your heart will tell you what the next moves are, and when to take them. If your heart isn't in it, no amount of dating or new offers will suffice. good luck, and God bless.

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