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should i go for it?


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hey everyone, I am a 20 year old male from canada. I need some guidance here.


Here's the story, about 3 years ago i met a girl at a summer camp and became very good friends with her. She lives in florida, and goes to school a few hours from me. She has family in the city where i am going to school and visits several times a year. the first time she came to visit her family we got to visit and really hit it off well, cuddled, made out all that fun stuff. She's been to visit a few times since and the same thing happens. It is a short lived romance high whenever she is in town. she is a wonderful girl that i would love to be with for a long time but Im not sure if the friendship thing and distance will make things too difficult. One good thing is her mother moved from florida to canada so hopefully that will mean more quality time spent with her. Should i go for it and try to have a relationship or just put it in a bubble and blow it away

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