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i need help with a guy problem!!!

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There is a guy who is a freshman in highschool who likes me. I attend a boarding school, so rumors travel VERY quickly! I am also a freshman and he's taller than me by a bit, but he has this childish look, and he's not popular whatsoever! I don't like him, but everyone around me keeps saying that we're bf and gf because we hang out a lot. It's really annoying. Everywhere i go, ppl say that we're a couple. It's embarrasing at times! Im not sure on how to get him off my back! I like a senior, and not this freshman! What should i do??? PLEASE HELP! even the slightest word will help!

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don't worry about what every one else thinks or says. they don't know the truth & i think that if you just ignore them, they will stop saying stuff. why do you hang out with him if you don't like him & want him to leave you alone? people shouldn't be embarrassed about who they hang out with just because they arent popular. who has the right to say what popular is? just ignore people when they say that you & this guy are dating.

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do nothing, and you condemn yourself. that's how gossip and rumors work.


since you don't like this freshman, but a senior, make sure you are seen with the senior by your friends and dorm people.


and stay away from the freshman, deliberately. same classes or lectures, use your friends to form a barrier. mealtimes, the same. library, too. if he moves in, move off. deliberately. for as long as it takes to get him and the rumors off.


if he is part of your group of friends. then tough luck. so you will hang out together. but you can always deliberately be poles apart. always keep 2 or 3 persons between the 2 of you. never be the first to support his suggestions, laugh at his jokes, and NEVER LOOK at him. just be cool.

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