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Am i being very paranoid? Please tell me that I am!!


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Prior to my first entry here just adding information


Ok, my ex and i broke up few weeks ago. things werent going good between us. well, i didnt really think so. i sort of ended it and i did send him an email to think this through when i come back from the business trip. anyways, tonight i went to facebook, sort of like myspace. i went to his page and i saw my friend on his page. ( i dont really talk to my friend because of many reasons) we just say hi here and there. Obviously they still chat i guess. i know i might be paranoid here but i feel as if he left me for her? i checked the time she added him to the page it was 8-4-07 at 1243am or so. i was in sacramento that time. anyways a week later on the 10th of august we had a fight and ended things. we didnt talk anymore. just few times because i had an injury thats about it.


i talk to her tonight ( the friend) i didnt accuse her of anything. just random conversation. i just said stuff im stressed out with this whole situation. i feel as if he left me for someone else thats why he got rid of me fast and she said, im gonna go brush teeth and went away?


now, do u guys find this strange or what?>>

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You told her you were upset about the ending of your relationship and speculated that he might have left you because of someone else and... she said she had to go brush her teeth? Really? Because if it went EXACTLY like that, I would wonder.


Still, that isn't proof of anything and the other evidence (like Facebook) doesn't add up to much, either. I wouldn't assume she's guilty. Perhaps you should just ask her? (Nicely, of course...)

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