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How do I get my stuff back?

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My ex and I split up almost 5 months ago now (he dumped me) and I still can't get him to return my stuff.


When I moved out I was the one who sorted out all our stuff (it was still in boxes as we had just moved accross the world to settle down). In my haste I took a bit of his stuff and left a bit of mine. I've since dropped his stuff around (a few days later) and left it on the doorstep, and after about 4 months he finally returned most of my stuff.


However we agreed to swap photos/videos. I had all the photos and he had all the videos of our 2 1/2 years travelling etc. I gave him copies of the photos and he has given me a couple of cds but there are probably about 2 dozen more cds of video footage that he still has yet to copy and give to me. I'd just let it go except these are memories of my travels and I really want them.


Anyway, everytime I ask (about 8 times now) he says that he is doing it and will get them to me 'soon'. I got sick of that so I said that he could now give them to a mutual friend but he hasn't done that either.


Technically we are in LC at the moment (although effectively it is NC as neither of us has contacted the other except for my birthday last week). This is the last thing of mine that he has, then after that we have no need to contact each other. I don't care if he posts them, gives them to someone else etc I just really want them and think that it's not too much to ask (especially since he has agreed to do it)?


What else can I try to get this stuff back?

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