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Anxiety or something else...


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For three months now I have been experiencing nights sweats. I am 36 and had my first baby a year ago with no complications. I thought at first maybe I was just having some hormonal shifts, but they continue, along with a weird progression of other symptoms:

1) Heart racing out of a dead sleep (woke up with it at 130 bpm)

2) Breathlessness

3) An actual panic attack because I could feel my heart start racing

4) Parathesis (pins/needles and numbness down left side)

5) Tip of tongue goes numb

6) Past few weeks my heart feels really slow (around 58 bpm) when I am moving around

7) Fatigue

8) Numbness of top of head (in the mornings only)

9) Vertigo for the past week.

10) New symptoms today of feeling spacey/foggy. Not sure if it is more related to the vertigo. Poor memory.


History: Depression before, so I know what thats like. Anxiety before, swallowing problems and heart skipped a beat, so I understand how that feels. This is different, because I dont feel anxious, except on occasion when I feel so bad and still dont know why.


I have been to a cardiologist and wore an event monitor for two weeks. No results yet, which is probably good.

I have had a cbc and chest xray. My ANA was 1:80, which I was told was normal.

I have had tons of thyroid test because I have multi-nod goitres.

All of my test have come back normal. I am scheduled to have an MRI in two weeks.

Meanwhile, I feel absolutely different. I am not really depresssed but certainly on a path in that direction. Can anxiety cause so many physical symptoms? Can it cause your heart to beat slow?


I appreciate any feedback.

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Anxiety would cause your heart to beat fast, not slow.


Have you ever lost consciousness?


As long as you are still being worked up, I wouldn't worry so much about it. I mean, the experts should figure what's going on with you.


But from my bank of knowledge, I really couldn't say what you have. I was thinking Hypothyroidism, but you said your thyroid test was normal.


Just wait for your MRI. I'm assuming they're getting an MRI of your head. Although, I have a feeling it will come out normal... in which case the doctors will rule out any tumors. So, then I think they'll probably advise you to see a specialist.... maybe a neurologist.

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i suffered from anxiety for about 2 years straight. i refused meds.

and we shared the following symptoms:


-feeling of numbness on various parts of the body. sometimes it felt like my cheeks went numb. feeling spacey foggy and dizzy. fast heart beat.


everyones anxiety symptoms vary. i mean i have no clue what is wrong with you.. but... other typical anxiety symptoms involve stomach issues, hot and colds, feeling like you might pass out, cant breathe, etc.


the slow heart beat is definitely not. but anxiety can make you feel things that may not actually be happening.


you are obviously getting tested for everything possible so you should be fine.

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a lot of your symptoms sound like what my mom has been going thru and its very scary. She has been diagnosed with aeortal defibleration (sorry i am not sure how to spell it) after having a monitor and a lot of tests like you are having done. It is scary but it can be put under control with drugs that stop the heart racing and also stop the heart from slowing down, it basically strengthens the heart and helps it maintain a regular balance. I was really scared when all this first went on with my mom but things like this with the heart are very common, one in 20 people suffer from aeortal defibleration...


anyway no idea if you have the same thing but a lot of the symptoms like i say the racing heart (she also had it in waking up in the nigth) the slow heart rate, the foggy heads, the night sweats, poor memory, vertigo etc.


You are getting it all checked out so are doing the right thing. and if it is the same thing as my mom it is completely treatable and controllable.....fingers crossed for u all the best xxxx

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